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Best New Indie – Homes At Night, talker, Sequel Films, Uèle Lamore, Sara Devoe

Home At Night conjure elegant drama on the convincing saga of a single, Help You Unpack.  From gentle bedroom folk to explosive jam, they marry two extremes convincingly.  Both sides are treated with sonic flare, a producers touch.  The sonic presentation in the second half is particularly exhilarating.  Clocking in just over two minutes, our … More

The Saga of Beware Wolves – New Underground Icon

Its not entirely farfetched in our modern internet age that a prolific songwriter would present themselves as anonymous, conceivingly out of nowhere, and drop 9 hefty albums within the span of a couple weeks.  Still, it doesn’t happen often, or perhaps never.  At least we only know of one exact occurrence, and that is from … More

Undiscovered Gems – The Know, Amber & the Moon, milio pagnotta, ICHIWAWA

We grew to love Used to Be, the new song from The Know.  A dreamy shoegaze delight, the song itself is brilliant and beautiful.  What floored us is the companion music video.  The contrast of this immersive, almost noisy sonic beauty and this candid day to day montage of this living love story made us … More