Girlhouse: The Sad Ginger Music We Love

If you’re a fan of chill, upbeat, guitar-based sad music, you will love girlhouse. Girlhouse’s first EP called “the girlhouse ep” was influenced by Phoebe Bridgers and Soccer Mommy. You can hear similarities in the vocal production as well as the overall genre.

According to girlhouse (Lauren Luiz), when creating the EP, “…every song felt like a challenge [because] this was the first time that I had written something for my own project that was completely my own story and that was terrifying”. 

Luiz’s song “knuckle tattoo” came out on New Year’s Day in 2021. The song has to do with a personal experience involving heartbreak.

“I used to do this thing where I’d get heart broken, rebound, get heartbroken by my rebound, rebound again, etc. Knuckle tattoo is about a particular night in Portland when I followed some guy in a band to the east side and got ditched and couldn’t find my way home. My phone was either dead or lost… It felt like a coming of age moment so I wanted to harness the sound as much as possible”. 

Because of her experience writing her very first EP, Luiz has so much respect for artists and songwriters now. She still loves writing for other people but is grateful to have this project. It pushes her to try and be better. When she releases her second EP, she plans to take on influences from KennyHoopla and old pop punk. I can’t wait to see how her next project turns out. 

Listen to girlhouse and other similar artists on our Cool Music playlist!

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