“Two Feet” is the new undiscovered indie pop gem from San Rafael-based producer, Y8S.  

The artist admits, “I grew up playing drums and singing backup in alternative rock bands, I never thought I’d be a lead singer, let alone an independent songwriter.” And much like the great drummers before him who drifted into the realm of experimental pop, Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel, Y8S brings a lot of soul to “Two Feet.”  

We connected with Y8S about the new single and he was quick to share his appreciation for his friend Aden who helped improve his knowledge of Ableton software while they worked on their project, “Staring at Stars.” Y8S explained that “Staring at Stars” also helped him develop his lead vocals and his songwriting.  Y8S describes songwriting as “empowering.”

Fans of Beck, Gorllaz, and Miike Snow will enjoy the art pop tendencies of Two Feet. Y8S also counts Bon Iver and Santigold as current influences. Y8S grew up listening to his Dad’s Ali Farka Toure and Weather report LP’. He got into RATM and Nirvana, while also dipping heavily into 90s rap icons Tupac, Hieroglyphics, Biggie, and Wu-Tang.  

Y8S plans to release a song a month for the foreseeable future and he has a collab in the works with Philly producer City Rain. 

“Right now I’m focusing on writing lots of songs and developing my sound. In the near future I will absolutely perform my music live as a one man band with occasional guest performers.”

With this new feel good festival banger, Y8S might be an exciting live act once he gets going. On “Two Feet” he is constantly introducing new sonic elements, leading to a masterful build up before he introduces the final drop. He has an affinity for drama in his movements. You can catch on to the chorus on the first turn, the calling card for a great pop song.  

Checkout “Two Feet” along with all of our favorite new undiscovered gems in our Best New Indie playlist.

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