Emerging Folk – Matthew Fowler, Rod Coote, Duel Native

Florida native Matthew Fowler new recording for Been A Lover feels authentic and present in the moment.  The performance on the record really captures Matthew’s soulful delivery, a detail that draws people to a live performance, but is so often missed on studio records.  

Matthew’s smoky delivery and energetic unhinged acoustic guitar patterns channel Ray LaMontagne’s breakout record Trouble.  Much like LaMontagne, Fowler is both accurate and raw. His delivery is calculated but free and unpolished.  His voice resonates with breathy undertones, rich with personality and depth.  Like a well worn traveler whose glance alone tells stories from his life, Fowler’s voice communicates trials of blue collar living. A working man’s tone that only someone who has been in the trenches of life can adopt.  

  Hear Been A Lover now on our Emerging Folk playlist.  

Rod Coote

Australian indie folk artist Rod Coote wrote Wild Pine after the passing of his Grandfather.  Vulnerable and fractured, Rod found solace in the sanctity of his music.  With dreamy production layers, Coote creates a wide sonic landscape for his melodic poetry.  Seizing the moment, the song crescendos with a hard hitting drum outro.  An authentic grieving Coote shows passion in both his performance and his production.  It’s an epic piece, and a noble tribute to his Grandfather’s passing.  

  Stylistically, Coote’s has some of the somberness of Elliot Smith and production value of early Bon Iver.    With abstract natural lyrics choices like “Leaves won’t fall, from these Wild Pine,” Coote’s channels Robin Pecknold.  An exciting addition to the Australian indie folk scene, we’re excited to hear how his songwriting evolves.  Hear Wild Pine now on our Emerging Folk playlist 

  “When do you realize, you’re a commodity.”  A powerful statement that resonates with the feeling of these times.  Duel Native is aware that there are 8 billion people and it can be really hard to feel special these days.  Honoring the history of folk, Duel Native takes on the issues of the day in their writing. 

  For some people the message in Duel Native’s song might make you feel sad, but for this writer, it has made me feel empowered.  When you recognize how some might see your place in the world, you can break off the handcuffs and go against the grain.  Folk music has always been the music of the people, there to share the message of oppression and break the cycle of society.  In a world where 1% hold 99% of the wealth, we have to be reminded that the real power is the people.  Duel Native’s song serves as a reminder to break out of the trap and claim your own future.  

  The song is upbeat, the snappy drums and repeating verses are reminiscent of The Smiths acoustic works.  Stephen Choi’s voice evoke Morrissey,  with husky and sultry underbelly and a slight croon that settles into the music.  Hear Commodity now on our Emerging Folk playlist.  

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