MUSIC VIDEOS WE LOVE – Draumr, Magon, a2ele, Marbl

Draumr and Dorcas go all out glam in their new video for Another Heart.  Transported to a secret location, Dorcas is thrust into a flashy neon concert experience where Draumr plays for a room of ET’s like an intergalactic God of Pop.  Dorcas is pulled onstage and a magnificent performance ensues.  The video is rich in retro style and vibe.  Draumr and Dorcas are equally sexy and captivating.  From costume to color, the entire video glimmers with authenticity.  Check out “Another Heart” by Draumr (feat. Dorcas). 

Draumr (ft Dorcas) – Another Heart

Magon is a combination of everything sacred in art rock.  Between rock nonchalance and a sharp sense of melody, between 70’s references (Lou Reed, Led Zeppelin…) and contemporary influences (Mac Demarco, Devendra Banhart…), we find all the ingredients which make the salt of this so atypical artist.  Magon is living the dream on his new video for The Willow.  Picturesque scenes of Tanzania find Magon residing in this beautiful country, clearly an outsider from the modern world, but oddly accepted into this new society.  Magon is mostly just existing as himself in a foreign place, however, the woman who accompanies him still seems inclined to survey the realities of untethered worlds.  Inspired by the people celebrated within, she dances with her baby in her arms around a fire, tapping into the sacred rituals of this place, shedding her superficial conditioning with each wild step.  The juxtaposition of the travelers and the old school cinematography create a conversation about the images themself, like a video essay set to Magon’s music.  Check out The Willow 

Magon – Willow

Dreamy imagery and ethereal beauty come together on the new video from a2ele, Dyade.  Kate Bush bedroom pop vibes are perfectly met with shadow and color.  A bedroom daydream evolves into illumination as a2ele grooves her way through heavenly scenes, dancing and syncing to the vocals.  With natural hair and modest dress she shines like a mid 70s dream pop princess.  Beautiful and sexy without even trying, the effortless performance only makes her more attractive and seductive to the naked eye.  a2ele can’t help but be beautiful, and the camera perfectly captures the aura of her presence.  

  The bedroom pop vibes put her in a new class of up and coming female voices with Charlotte Day Wilson, Natalie McCool, and Oh Wonder.  Check out Dyade here.  

a2ele – Dyade

Not ready for matrimony?  Neither is Marbl.  On her new video for Everybody’s Getting Married, the songwriter leaves her fiancé hanging, retreating just as he starts to place the ring on her finger.  The previously perfect wedding devolves into complete chaos as members from both families point fingers, some resolving to fighting.  The Groom’s Grandmother produces a handgun from her purse and takes to pursuit.  Even a futuristic robot rises from an explosion,  a metaphor for what fantastic lengths people will go to just to get you to the altar.  Does she escape?  You’ve got to watch the vid to find out!  Check out Everybody’s Getting Married!  

Marbl – Everybody’s Getting Married

We enjoy sharing our favorite undiscovered music video masterpieces. Check out our your tube playlist, where you can enjoy all of the Music Videos We Love

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