Women Of Trip Hop – Ohlayindigo, Selkie, Julie Hicklin, JIVA

The soulful experimental R&B of OHLAYINDIGO meets trip hops vibes on her new single, Silent Treatment.  Frantic drum loops cascade and come apart, adding to the drama of the moment, as the Norway native squeezes the highest notes harvested from her own experience.  A wide array of feelings are on full display from the passionate vocal performance, as desperation and disgust revolve mercilessly, like an unwanted cycle.  This insanity is made beautiful by the artists impressive range. The message is clear, Silent Treatment hurts all over.  When the relationship pains you, it’s hard to see past the hurt.  Ohlayindigo knows, as she sings “Scattered thoughts on the paper crumble into dust.”  Little else matters when the attention doesn’t come.  

  Attention, though, is one thing Ohlayindigo seems to get.  Over 500k streams on previous Spotify releases and coverage from EARMILK and more can’t be ignored.  Ohlayindigo is an artist on the rise, and with releases like Silent Treatment, the Trip Hop princess should continue to pull attention from all over the world.  Her experimental production style is a welcome addition in the evolution of trip hop derived alternative pop.  Hear Silent Treatment now on our Women Of Trip Hop playlist.


Selkie is a trip hop recording artist hailing from Berlin.  On her second single Beatroot, Selkie collaborated with a group of musicians from Glasgow, each of whom brought their own magic and expertise to the project.  Dub and trip hop influences meld with dark and dreamy songwriting.  Fans of Polica and Portishead will enjoy the bass heavy downtempo vibes and droning instrumentation.  Selkie derives tribal nordic instinctual melodies reminiscent of Bjork, pulling from the primitive native parts of her psyche, with dark melodies like the message of a distant oracle whose words could heal or destroy hope.  Lyrical poetry lifts the music to new heights

catch a flame flicker in my eye

burning pathways in my mind

lose myself on the inside

looking out i feel what’s mine

whose? the breath that stokes my fire

i’m losing hold of my desire

inhaling deep i seek my freedom

turning tune for every season

  The abstract arrangement and intersecting instrumentation mirrors Selkie’s poetic lyrical prowess.  It all comes together best in this trippy downtempo package. Enjoy Beatroot now on our Women of Trip Hop playlist.

Julie Hicklin

London based recording artist Julie Hicklin caught our attention with her new song Dog Solitude.  A dark cinematic piece that describes loneliness and longing is highlighted by her whispery vocal.  Julie’s sultry voice is rich with depth and resonance.  Much like the Sneaker Pimps, a groovy beat propels the song as Julie is free to roam around the evolving chord arrangement and musical textures.  Distant organs and cavernous pianos build under her smokey vocal, evoking the finest moments in James Blake’s catalog, marrying the best parts of electronic music and ambient song scapes. 

It’s hard not to get lost in the evolution of the song, as lyrics give way to lullaby, with Julie singing “la la la la” as she caresses you to musical ecstasy.  The vibe is a mix of uplifting and resolute in contemplation.  A cinematic climax, as if the plot holes were filled and the satisfaction of knowing life just goes on was granted.  After all, the essence is in the title itself, and Julie delivers it perfectly.  That is the beauty of Dog Solitude, you can find fulfillment in accepting its futility, or suffer in your longing for companionship.  Hear Dog Solitude now on our Women of Trip Hop playlist.  


Haunting orchestration and beauty come together on Haim, the new single from JIVA .

Originally from the Ukraine, and now residing in Israel, JIVA writes mainly in Hebrew.  Combining electronic music with ethnic influences, JIVA’s sound connects with fellow trip hop royalty Thievery Corporation. The arrangement is rich in orchestration, with every chosen instrument serving to add distinct texture and mood to the production.  JIVA works with producer Dmitry Dubrov.  Together, the team creates vast soundscapes that celebrate their sacred musical culture with modern expression.  

  JIVA has offered some translation to connect the music to the message. 

“The key phrase of this song is ‘You become what you believe in.’ This song reflects the magic of this World and the connection of internal experiences with external manifestations.

  The power of this expression can be felt in the mood and textures of the composition, regardless of whether or not you know the language.  That is the magic of Jiva’s project, as it bridges the gap between language and feeling with ethereal soundscapes.  An eery piano dribbles melodies as strings and drums from eastern dynasties creep underneath.  Jiva’s voice is rich in resonating undertones, with breathy layers and a smokey seductive delivery.  All together, the song’s presentation is otherworldly and magical, with the combination of influences lifting the cultural expressions to new heights.  Hear Haim now on our Women of Trip Hop playlist.  

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