Emerging Folk – Rob Quo, One Matt Beyer, Florie Namir, Johan Glidden

London based songwriter Rob Quo recently released a fabulous new EP called Now I See The Birds.  The five song EP is full of folk and jazz influence.  The careful arrangements include wonderfully executed brushed drums, double bass, acoustic piano, and strings.  The recording shines with warmth and brilliance, as large cardioids capture the natural essence of the acoustic instrumentations.  

  The group fully connects on his catchy number, Upon My Plate.  Norah Jones meets Jack Johnson vibes on this instant classic.  This is feel good folk with intellect intact.  Rob is in tune with the world around him, and the nice groove provides elegant contrast to the message within, as Quo pens “Please don’t put your rat upon my plate.”  He elaborates when he writes, “It’s suffocating don’t you know, this heavy feeling in the air.  It an’t your fault and it’s not fair, try and be a little more aware.”  

  It’s been a rough couple of years, and Rob isn’t afraid to address the moment.  A lot of people are hurting and it’s easy to let art distract from the suffering.  Rob lets his music shine through, but he remembers to bring the message, and honor the legacy of the folk ambassadors who gave this genre its identity.  

  The band aids are exhausting, it’s time to truly address the problems of our day.  A folk anthem for modern hardships, hear Upon My Plate now on our Emerging Folk playlist.  

One Matt Beyer

The spirt of Nick Drake and the charm of Kings of Convenience are two marking points in defining the sound of One Matt Beyer.  The artist has the deep smoky croon of Drake, and he embellishes some orchestral arrangement on his new album Off Sunset.  Tinkering Vince Guaralidi like piano fills and spatial percussion flow like rising waves under the low textures of his hefty voice.  Like KOC, feel good soothing swift picking, sweet melodies, and a whispery delivery bring pensive calm and reflection.  

  Love Sun is one of the catchiest songs on the album.  You can imagine Beyer by the bonfire on the beach serenading surfers coming off a long session.  An atmosphere of glittery guitars and organs emerge and are lost again in the swaying ocean of the song.  There’s a subtle lo fi authenticity to the presentation, most notably in how the song falls apart at the end, like an impromptu jam captured on tape.  

  Beyer disregards the cliche and brings romance and spirituality to the surf-summer folk scene.  He provides a sacred soundtrack for coastal nomads and existential adventurers.  With his song, he shows us a deeper side to the Ocean’s infinite gifts.  Dark, mysterious, tranquil.  

  Hear Love Sun now on our Emerging Folk playlist.  

Florie Namir

  London based jazz pop artist Florie Namir caught our attention with the release of her new 5 song EP I wanna Be In Love. The impressive debut showcases her versatility and breadth of influence.  She has the whit and authenticity of Regina Spektor but with more vocal precision.  She has the catchy indie appeal of Feist and the lyrical chops of Joni Mitchell.  A bit of broadway can be heard in the theatrical musical arrangements, with an ensemble reminiscent of Sufjan Stevens more orchestral numbers.    

  The breadth of influence culminates on her single Far, Far Away.  The syncopated chorus is infectious.  Florie takes residence in your head rent free, as you’ll be taking this melody with you everywhere.  As the song progresses, additional sounds and resolutions are introduced with surprise and variation.  Florie pushes the ensemble to an epic finish and allows her band to cut loose along the way.  This is a great studio number that Florie could easily stretch out live.  A solid debut from a promising young artist.  Hear Far, Far Away now on our Emerging Folk playlist 

Johan Glidden

Johan Glidden gets festive on his new single Everything I Had.  It’s a feel good song to remind you to stop and appreciate whats around you before its too late.  It’s a similar message that resonates with some of the greatest holiday stories of our time, including Its A Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol. 

Glidden combines the writing chops of Ed Sheeran with the indie appeal of Brett Dennen.  The chimey pianos underneath ring like holiday bells, adding to the tracks festive flavor.  The effort is cinematic, as lyrical scenes play out in your head.  With his writing, Glidden provides great imagery.  He admits he’s tiring of the complications and pressures of adulthood.  “They’re starting to put the lights out, and I’m spending all my nights out, I’m fluttering like a white owl in the snow.  When I was 6 years old all I wanted was a candy in the stocking.”

  Glidden’s ready to get that feeling back, and he’s more aware now about what it’s really all about.  Everything I Had is a good catalyst to get you in the holiday spirit, but not the commercial superficial version, rather, the genuine one. The one about family and generosity.  This is the real magic of the holiday season, hopefully you won’t have to hit rock bottom to figure it out.  

  Hear Everything I Had now on our Emerging Folk playlist.  

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