Music Videos We Love – Gazoline, Did You Die, Sgravone, Golem Dance Cult

Canadian Rockers Gazoline will blow you away with the video for their single Jessica.  The group already has a reputation for great music videos, and Jessica might be there best. 

Shot in the style of a classic big budget mid 70s mystery, it is a masterclass in cinematography and presentation.  From the costumes to the casting, everything on Jessica feels right.  This is not your cheap retro post filter to make this footage seem old, this is genuine artistry and excellence in the craft.  

The execution all around is what makes Jessica so magical.  Filmed to be used for their music video, it could just as easily be a highlight at a film festival.  In just a few minutes there is an abundance of character development and detail.  Without giving too much away, Gazoline has lost themselves in reckless decadence, and their spending is out of control. Hoping to stop the bleeding, the record label orders Gazoline’s execution, and enlists a beautiful and elusive assassin to do their bidding. 

Enjoy Jessica by Gazoline

Gazoline – Jessica

Vancouver based rockers Did You Die will be kicking off the new year with the release of their new album Thirteen Moons.  

Did You Die is as real as it gets.  Members Alexander and Penland had to fight through addiction and periods of homelessness during the pandemic.  They pulled together the strength to create something out of the chaos, giving breath to art and solace to that difficult period.  Their authenticity won them favor with their first release, Royal Unicorn, which charted number 1 on college radio in Canada and sold an impressive physical 500 LP’s.  Actual sales are a solid indicator of fan devotion in our free to stream world, and Did You Die are hoping to preserve that dedication on their new release.  They were careful to keep their vibe unadulterated by the corporate machine, and opted to record and engineer the record themselves.  A bold move from bandleader and songwriter Richie Felix Alexander.  He admits he wanted to capture the exact sounds that were looping in his head without compromise.  Did You Die is all about vibe.  Incorporating elements of 80s alternative, shoe gaze, dream pop and post punk; it’s easy to see why the band would be protective of their unique aesthetic.  

  Recently we got our first taste of the new record.  The band just dropped a new video for their single Weightless and the hype is real.  The song is infectious and emotive.  On this release, Did You Die channels Alvvays with more prevalent post punk roots.  Raw garage rock meets dreamy textures amidst a shoegaze backdrop.  MBV and Smashing Pumpkins would relish in these sonic textures.  Becca Buick, the videos heiress, is a sultry and sexy indie punk princess.   She sways to the music and occasionally stares into the camera in deep reflection, knowing she has your gaze, knowing the power of her affection.  

  Get lost and fall in love all at once, check out Weightless by Did You Die

Did You Die – Weightless

Sgravone writes groovy jams with classic garage rock sensibility.  He self produced his new album Rash, and he is promoting the release with a video for his song Wanderer.  

Readers, are you familiar with the term “furries?”  It’s okay, you don’t need to look it up, we got you!  A “Furry” is someone who dresses in a fluffy animal costume, kind of like a life-like stuffed animal.  Apparently its a thing, and there are a lot of people who do it.  It can be cute but it can also get pretty weird.  

On the video for Wanderer, the artist finds himself being haunted by a Teddy Bear Furry.  (I know – I know – now you really want to watch it!)

Just dial in and let it happen.  You might laugh a little, but don’t discount the terror, you really don’t want to have this nightmare creep into your psyche.  Proceed with caution. 

Enjoy Wanderer by Sgravone

Sgravone – Wanderer

The Electro Goth Duo known as Golem Dance Cult celebrated Halloween with the release of a video for their single Nosferatu Waltz.  Masters of retro horror rock, the duo intersects original scenes with the horror classic.  The band really owns this moment. You might as well just add them to the movie because they fit into the scenes so well.  

Golem Dance Cult combines the leather punk vibes of Billy Idol with Bowie’s Scary Monster phase.  They bring retro groove elevated by vintage tones and hush vocals.  The singer has the swagger and attitude to match the back alley vibe.

The duo of Charles and Laur have been playing together since high school.  It’s evident in the production and the vibe of release, which is constantly in sync.   They know how to space out their productions and seam together an interesting arrangement.  They never play on top of each other, constantly aware of what needs to be up front in the mix.  Respecting the process, they let improvisations flesh into ideas, bringing fresh authenticity to a cookie cutter world of cut and paste.  

YouTube has deemed the video unsafe for children, and that should come as no surprise.  Nosferatu is just one of the scariest movies of all time, because it feels so authentic and real.  It was ahead of its time, and was banned in several countries for being too terrifying.  

Golem Dance Cult give the soundtrack a sonic upgrade. 

Checkout the video for Nosferatu Waltz.

We enjoy sharing our favorite undiscovered music video masterpieces. Check out our your tube playlist, where you can enjoy all of the Music Videos We Love


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