Best New Indie – Sail Cassady, The Pink Nostalgia, John Love, Robert Kuhn

Canadian songwriter Sail Cassady creates atmospheric dreamscapes that are imaginative and purposeful.  He escapes to one of these netherworlds on his new single, Old Green House.  A song for anyone trying to escape our tired existence, a metaphor for living up to your inner child’s potential.  “Everyone wants to be who they wish they really were.”  

  Old Green House could be a pauper’s castle inside his delusional world, and songwriter Colin Craviero knows the way.  Like a humble Don Quixote or a reserved beast from Where The Wild Things Are, this Old Green House has charm and wisdom.  Craviero sees the diamonds in the rough, and you will get lost in this auditory illusion.  The sonic structure is rich with soft synths, lap steel swings, and ethereal vocals sent from the heavens.  

  Like James Blake and Hozier, the artist has spiritual mystique and aura.  The bluesy guitar fills are a nod to the music’s gospel roots.  Sail Cassidy has an inclination to resort to the heart of the feeling, both in an emotive arrangement and in the lyrical poetry.  He paints a picture of this house, a refuge from the material world, an old soul of a home, a place that most people would see right through.  But not Craviero, he sees beauty in its age, it’s weathered walls.  He sees opportunity to reclaim the imagination and hope of his youth.  He lets us into his world, and it’s easy to get lost in the atmosphere of this tantric lullaby. 

Hear Old Green House now on our Best New Indie playlist. 

The Pink Nostalgia

The Pink Nostalgia drew inspiration from Brit-Pop and Orchestral sounds to make a song that would be fit for an indie movie.  The result is their new single Pluto

  Singer Joseph James has some of the emotive croon that makes Morrissey so intoxicating.  His melodies make the song work for him, he bends them to his will, and sings through his verses.  His voice is at times somber and at other times passionate and soulful.  On Pluto, a female voice trails and compliments as the song peaks. Like Joseph’s effeminate shadow, her voice is haunting as it lurks beneath his melodies.  

  The writing has elements of The Shins and Radiohead’s acoustic catalog, but with one foot firmly rooted in indie folk.  The arrangement is layered.  A soloing violin gives way to dirty guitars and an anthemic chorus.  James is an apt producers whose progressive motions within the movements come in waves as the song sways between grooves and ambiance.  He works it all in to respond to his voice and elevate the changes in the song.  

  Pluto is included on The Pink Nostalgia’s new EP Monochrome.  Their 2nd EP, Monochrome is a conceptual release featuring several singles.  It is an exciting development from a buzzing artist.  

Hear Pluto now on our Best New Indie playlist. 

artwork Jordan Stafford

John Love travels between two worlds on his new single We Still Have More To Do.  The one is ambient and ethereal, and the other is indie pop gold.  It’s a reflection of his two musical personalities.  When he interjects them it is cinematic and has a soundtrack like quality.  As a piano player, his songs can stand alone.  In his voice there are hints of modern indie influence like Band of Horses and Build to Spill paired with classic inspirations like John Lennon’s piano music.  He blends nostalgia and atmosphere in the vein of Lord Huron. 

  The rhythms are interesting.  John admits he leans on his musical friends to embellish his productions, and this drummer can really groove.  

  His use of piano and organ sounds is masterful.  These tones jump out at you with textures that give goosebumps.  It reminds me of what Neil Young says about analog music, how its textured to get under your skin in a way that synthetic music literally cannot.

“I just wanted to say I Love You, I hope that message always got through… we still have more to do my friend” John admits he wrote this for someone specific. The sentiment is heartfelt and genuine. When you’re doing it for the right reasons, it’s unmistakable.

Hear We Still Have More To Do now on our Best New Indie playlist

Robert Kuhn

Songwriter Robert Kuhn goes all out indie on his new single Persevere.  

His raspy delivery and layered production resonates with works by Phosphorescent.  The rich orchestral layers share similarities with Arcade Fire.  The writing recalls Echo and the Bunnymen.  The dynamic personality is attributed to Robert’s travels.  Over the last twelve years this indie rock troubadour has jumped between North America, South America, and Australia in his search of a good wave and some truth.  Robert admits that he’s a communitarian surfer, but this an’t no beach bop. It’s a wonderful mix of blues, folk, and indie psych.  He really lets his psych flag fly on the trippy Persevere.  The contrast of his working man’s poetry and cutting edge production is a reflection of his place in our world.  An old soul stuck in modern times.   

  During the front end of the last decade, Robert enjoyed his time working with legendary bluesman Little Joe Washington.  He recorded Little Joe’s last solo album, and then released a record of his own, Maria The Gun.

  Robert has been dripping out singles leading up to his next full album release, due out in 2022.  On his new album, he shows how he can adapt those folk inspirations to a modern indie aesthetic.  Persevere is a great taste of what’s to come.  The future looks bright for Robert Kuhn, but Robert knows his past isn’t too far behind him.  There’s an interesting progression at the end of Persevere where a reverse tape effect makes your feel like your going back in time, as if Robert is signing that no matter how much he moves forward, the past is always pulling him back in.  Checkout Persevere now on our Best New Indie playlist

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