Music Videos We Love – Petros Fuzzhead, Victorian Death Photos, AstroMike Gordon, Felicia, Norman Lake, Theo Goude

Petros Fuzzhead gets trippy on the video for their new song Lobotomy.   Taking hints from the songs title, the mind altering images are a mix of chaotic and captivating as the main characters appear to have lost all sense of logic and utility.  The modern choreography and girating movements are emphasized with eloquent pose from the videos female lead.  

  The repetitive cadence of the male vocal pairs well with the psychedelic vibe. With the impending Metaverse predicted to consume our ever changing world, the video provides an interesting commentary on what might ensue once we all get trapped inside our interplanetary goggles.  Reality as we know it is in jeopardy.  For some, sweet serenity will be enjoyed, but for others, a deeper devolution into the insanity of our psyche will be magnified ten-fold by absolute immersion.  

  There’s a lot of interesting imagery in this video, with each scene offering an interesting snapshot of artistic expression.  Its a testament to the incredible effort that went into its creation, as the creators exhibit precise artistic vision and execution. 

    The underbelly of the song contains a healthy dose of Radiohead inspiration with modern indie sensibility.  Mainly its rooted in Radiohead’s more rock heavy catalog, and in essence Petros Fuzzhead is all about getting lost in the vibe of the music.  

  Enjoy the video for Lobotomy, by Petros Fuzzhead

Petros Fuzzhead – Lobotomy

Let you imagination take overHome, the new video from Victorian Death Photos accentuates our imaginations with a beautiful noir palette that intensifies these familiar sci-fi landscapes.  The band provides the perfect 80s inspired soundtrack for these trippy interstellar scenes, as a young astronaut explores a colorless dream world.  Contrasting scenes of an astronaut getting sucked into the void of space magnify the mystique of the infinite.  Do you dream in black in white?  Let the vastness of endless possibility illuminate you.  Will you venture farther into the unknown, or will you beg to go Home?

Victorian Death Photos – Home

AstroMike Gordon explores familiar worlds on his new video The Mess.  The fun satire sparks a conversation of what it might be like if our explorations result in the finding of the mundane.  How painfully ironic it must be to travel galaxy’s to only discover another version of ourselves less exotic than our own, a suburban paradise caught in an identical conundrum, married to the 9 to five, unaware of the obvious beauty of this place.  Like Gordon’s astronaut, our arrival and explorations might even go unnoticed.  

  In his digging the astronaut finds the discarded treasures of this place, a music playing device, and tries to send a signal to home.  Perhaps there’s a deeper meaning, a comment on the state of the art scene and how so much great beautiful art goes unnoticed.  We can’t dispel the reality of saturation, but there are truly buried treasures caught in the mix, and AstroMike Gordon should get our attention with an effort this excellent.  

The Mess has an orchestral vibe mixed with Jobim style songwriting and colored with indie sensibility similar to Andrew Bird and Beirut.  The instrumentation and musicianship are top notch. Fans of those writers should enjoy AstroMike’s style. 

AstroMike Gordon – The Mess

Amazing costumery, sharp cinematography, and excellent casting come together on Get Lucky the new video from Canadien artist Felicia.  The slow groove rendition of this Daft Punk classic is fully transformed in this pseudo-western mini epic of saloon era mayhem.  Fans of Tarantino and the Coen Brothers would enjoy the authentic features of these rugged Cowboys and the contrast of the food choice that proves to be fatal.  Felicia is tonights entertainment as a slow motion scene of deceit unfolds before the victims unsuspecting eye.  This is a Hollywood release from a dormant artist who makes a strong bid for mainstream appeal.  She has all the sass and talent to hit the big time.  This could be a catalyst for the next phase for Felicia

Felicia – Get Lucky

Norman Lake is the mummy man of your dreams on the beautiful video for his single Meant To Be.  In essence it’s a fun idea, putting a mummy in all of these regular situations, but its magnified ten fold by a wonderful performance by the actor.  His graceful movements, most notably on the stationary bike scene, are soothing and beautiful.  The vast landscapes that surround the small town trapped in the 1970s is the perfect setting for these mummified retro vibes.  

  Fans of Mac Demarco and Kurt Vile will enjoy these sad kid indie vibes, derived from the cool dude appeal of original punks Velvet Underground.  Norman has all the attitude and disconnection to match these swaggerry grooves, it’s a vibe you can get lost in, enjoy Meant to Be.  

Norman Lake – Meant To Be

Théo GOUDE and friends charm on the video for the single Lights (Ike).  The bedroom pop vibes are a proper backdrop for the candid scenes from a night of fun and tribulation with friends.  Nothing really goes right for Théo, but that seems alright by him.  After all, Théo‘s just trying to get to the heart of the matter, he’s willing to show his silly side, his serious side, and everything in between.  

  Mostly, Théo and friends are having a good time and the artist offers a proper tribute to everyone involved, with a montage of outtakes almost as long as the video itself tagged at the end.  It owns the spirit of the Tik Tok generation in a new relatable way.  They’re just kids trying to find their way in a new world, its not that different from every generation that came before.  Looking for love in all the wrong places, trying to squeeze some fun in between all the pain and heartache of another wasted night.  

Théo GOUDE – Lights (IKE)

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