Best New Indie – Toyz, Lavender Honey, Paolo Ruiu, Y the Ghost

Brighton band Toyz lifts off on their new single St Helena. Toyz is fronted by the writing duo of Cal Lynn and David Kenter, and boosted by multi- instrumentalists, Malte Henning, Rob Whale and Guitarist, Olly Parkes.  The group has the psychedelic spirit of post Oracular MGMT with one foot planted in groovy 70s Bowie.  They have the sonic big rock sound of My Morning Jacket, with a hint of T Rex style glam and the psych surf pop of the Thrills.  We know these are big comparisons and we don’t dish them lightly.  Toyz are worth the buzz and should be on your radar. 

  An emotive vocal cuts through the intricate production with heartfelt agony.  Some evidence that they had to give a lot up to be here, as they lament  “I don’t wanna be a man living in a world of pipe dreams and promises, another shot in the dark.”  

Toyz – St Helena

  The attitude and disconnect is on full display on the new video for their St Helena.  These modern mods just don’t fit in to this worlds new bustling routine.  During the noir city scenes, with stoic affect they gaze upon the moving of this dark dying city, somehow unnoticed by the passerby’s of average lives.  The group transports to their favorite wooded sanctuary where they can micro dose their way through the pain of another day doing nothing.  It’s a proper tribute to their dark psych pop leanings.  

  St Helena is an impressive progressive anthem of epic proportions.  From the thoughtful production to the sharp execution, the genre-bending single showcases an abundance of influence and potential in under 5 minutes.  Fans of Tame Impala, King Gizzard, and the modern psych movement will enjoy Toyz, as they bring another fresh, genuine approach to that scene.  

  Enjoy St Helena now on our Best New Indie playlist.

Lavender Honey

Lavender Honey is catching on fast. The Nashville based artist dropped his debut single Need Your Love last month and has already amassed a hefty 30k+ streams.  A coffeehouse kid who frequents their indie songwriting circle jams, Need Your Love is a leap of faith into the crowded world of bedroom pop.  The artist could no longer ignore his affinity for Dayglow and Mac Demarco, whom he is admittingly a fan, and he appears to adhere to the professional credo that you should create music that you would want to listen to. 

  But Need Your Love is so much more than a basic B rehash of the aforementioned buzz bros.  Lavender Honey has found his voice, his musical character, his sonic persona.  He dictates with the emotional presence of Prince, but with modern indie sensibility.  He’s employing every instrument at his disposal as an all out jam brews beneath his phasing vocal.  The young producer knows how to plot a track, finding a space for everything to have its moment in the mix, pulling back the temptation of a guitar solo to stay rooted in his indie pop intentions.  

  We’ll be hoping for a savory follow up as we await the next release from Lavender Honey.  Until then enjoy Need You Love now on our Best New Indie playlist.  

Paolo Ruiu

A second-generation Sardinian-Brit raised in the London suburbs, Paolo Ruiu first came to our attention as one half of the critically lauded duo Young Romance

Like many dedicated creatives, touring restrictions over the last couple of years led to an influx of solo material, as Ruiu continued his practice from the sanctity of his home studio.    Written and recorded on a desk used by Pink Floyd and a Tascam 424 cassette recorder, his new 5 song  EP Low unifies several singles he has released over the last year in one comprehensive package.  

  Ruiu has the Mediterranean mystique of Jose Gonzalez with the blues rock roots of Delta Spirit.  On the title track Low, the bass and drum interweave around a snappy 80s Bruce style pattern with lo fi appeal, referencing the early allure of new mega stars The War On Drugs.  

  Paolo’s dedication to analog and atmosphere is a match made in heaven.  These textures are best absorbed emitting from expressive reels.  He dresses his works in interesting shades of echo, phase, and chorus.  There’s a hint of garage psychedelia similar to Tame Impala’s breakout Backwards but if it were produced with Gonzalez at the helm for a less cheeky, more introspective endeavor.  Beneath this deep, emotive aura is a sneaky catchy indie hit with unassuming power and masterful delivery in Paolo’s lyrical placement.  Low would absolutely rip live, turned up to 11 so Paolo can flaunt his tube amp tones and analog textures to their ecstatic peak.  

  Hear Low now on our Best New Indie playlist.

Y The Ghost

Denver based Songwriter and filmmaker Jacoby Elliot who performs as Y The Ghost was selected by Beyond Music for a collaboration project that includes Italian singer Elisa Giannina van den Berg and Swiss harp virtuoso Kate Northrop.  The inspiring single Find Us (Beyond) is an uplifting homage to nature’s beauty, and a reminder to turn off and take in this world in all its splendor.  The song encompasses the spirit of the project while taking these artists to new heights.  The harp really accentuates  Jacoby’s cinematic influence as he draws inspiration from atmospheric soundtracks and epic scores.  His other gig as a filmmaker drips into the dreamy visual worlds breathed into his music.  In that way Y The Ghost is slightly reminiscent of Lord Huron, whose project is also a byproduct of the leads film career.  But Y The Ghost is less rooted in roots music and more connected to modern indie pop.  

  Y The Ghost has mainstream appeal.  He has the catchy infectious ability of Coldplay, the ethereal wonder of Bon Iver, and the distinct holler of the elusive Gotye.  Find Us (Beyond) is intricate in how it deploys an array of sonic textures.  Even after several listens you will find something new to enjoy in this rich auditory spectrum.  Its a reflection of the artists visual approach to his works, as every little piece of production is like a new image in a moving picture.  Find Us (Beyond) is a whole world all its own, and a solid addition to an impressive catalog .

  Hear Find Us (Beyond) now on our Best New Indie playlist.  

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