Best New Indie – Rose Fall, Spaceface, Angela Sclafani, Doloreanne

LA based songwriter Rose Fall grew up listening to Senegalese music.  Her new single i’m the black sheep is her first non English release, it’s written in Wolof.  Rose Fall breaks through language barriers in a catchy indie pop package with precise melodic execution.  Regardless of your background, you will be pulled in to her exotic mystery.  Rose has a deep smoky delivery full of harmonious presence.  Her voice is rich with overtones and sex appeal.  With apt production skills she makes a bid to be your next indie pop princess, as this minimalist drum and bass package gets right to the point.  Fans of indie pop artists Holly Humberstone and Charlotte Day Wilson, as well as classic Gnarles Barkley, will enjoy Rose’s R&B-soul-pop adaptation, as she brings the aura of slow jams in an upbeat composition.

  In essence, as an English language listener it’s actually quite fun listening to Rose spin familiar melodic ideas in Wolof.  She drops verses in poetic fashion with sharp syncopation and sincere affect.  It’s a strong display of using your voice as an instrument within the arrangement, and you can compare it to the melodic timbre of a saxophone and how it showcases the  breadth of the harmonious spectrum.  

  i’m the black sheep has a second movement.  The song evolves with a dark downtempo vibe recalling trip hop elites like Massive Attack and Portishead.  Rose continues to embellish her voice as instrument in this section as she embellishes it with delay and reverb, decorating it around the beat.  

  This exciting new release from a promising new artist drips with originality and authenticity.  Enjoy i’m the black sheep now on our Best New Indie playlist.  


The retro-futuristic super group known as Spaceface blew us into the abyss with their new album Anemoia.  The expansive 12 song collection is a master class in retro psych pop, showcasing the four members strengths and versatility.  Everyone shines on this ever evolving act that was founded by a member of none other than the Flaming Lips. Continuing the iconic bands flare for innovation, you can find something to love from every track on this new release. 

  The entire album is big fun, and we plucked the single Long Time for a feature on our Best New Indie playlist.  The funky bass is reminiscent of Thundercat, while the psych pop vibes recall indie faves Tame Impala and Sports.  These are hefty comparisons, and Spaceface is worth the association.  They dress their recordings with modern sonic intellect, showcasing an understanding of the tools and how to use them.  Elegant tone and dreamy atmospheres settle behind an emotive vocal.  Spaceface is all about a vibe, founded in 60s psychedelic but transformed by the electronic grooves of the 90s and the Astrelwerks effect.  There’s evidence of infectious classic hip hop style stacked rhythms, an appreciation for disco dance, and an inclination to funk.  Spaceface brings a duality of chill and dance. Its the indie pop you’ve been digging for, accompanying you on your slow ride into the city or pulling you onto the dance floor at your favorite local disco dive.

  Enjoy Long Time, now on our Best New Indie playlist.  

Angela Sclafani

Would Sylvia Plath have adjusted to our world today?  Would she be an IG influencer, a blogger, a Tik Tok sensation?  (Doubt it!). In her iconic semi-autobiographical tell all The Bell Jar, Plath documents the painful transition as a woman into adulthood in her own time, how the dissolution of innocence makes life seem so trivial.  For these works and more Plath is a feminist icon, and songwriter Angela Sclafani provides a fitting tribute on her new adaption in song, The Bell Jar.  

  A prolific songwriter with two American Songwriting awards to her name, Angela brings mastery and intellect into the indie pop world.  She teamed up with producer Katie Buchanan to adapt Bell Jar into her musical world.  Fans of Feist, Phoebe Bridgers, and Norah Jones more indie pop leanings will connect with the stylistic affect of the new single.  There’s also a touch of Kacey Musgraves style country twang and Americana appeal.  Angela effortless travels between these two stylistic worlds, and her crossover appeal has won her accolades.  

  Plath’s work is sometimes misinterpreted as too depressing, but Angela gives it a proper uplifting tribute, as she honors the coming of age revelation and release Plath provided to the female voice.  

  ‘Why not let go and shatter that old bell jar.”  The repeated sentiment pleads to “shatter” our misconceptions of this work, and the meaning of life in our pre-conceptualized gender prisons.  

  Enjoy Bell Jar, now on our Best New Indie playlist.


The Quebec based band DOLORéANNE bring stadium indie vibes on their new album Tout le monde a froid.  The 8 song release is an indie rock masterclass with anthemic presence and dark affect.  DOLORéANNE applies to be your next international stadium sell out with songs like the title track Tout le monde a froid, which recalls the catch and hook hits of Arctic Monkeys.  And like the Monkeys, DOLORéANNE is rooted in Brit Pop with remblances of Kaiser Chiefs and The Kooks in their writing, combining that with and the synth sonic ferocity of post break-out French icons Phoenix.  

Their affinity for 2000’s era indie rock makes this a music listen for all fans of modern indie.  Whether you know French or just appreciate a good modern rock display, you can dig deep into these infectious melodies and melodic movements.  DOLORéANNE brings a full circle approach with interesting leads, big hooks, and progressive structural movements.  They dress almost everything with a modest touch of reverb to create an atmosphere from the layered textures.  It’s a dreamy effort that retains a big sound, meant to be played live on a monstrous stage in a huge room.  

  Flying too far under the radar for a band this good, soak in the heavy vibes of Tout le monde a froid, now on our Best New Indie playlist.  

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