Reimagining Retro – Painting By Numbers, Jazzy, The Mighty Avon Jnr, Xander Cameron

Painting By Numbers continue their pursuit for bass heavy dream pop vibes on their sultry new single Weakness.  

Weakness features two very distinct voices, rich with delivery and inflection.  The dark romance of these parallel voices has cinematic appeal, as the musical conversation draws images of love and conflict in our war torn world. 

Recalling the experimental synth pop of Kate Bush, the female vocal is rich with melodic prowess and mystique.  She soars above the music with ethereal charm, like an intoxicating siren luring you deeper into this synth soaked dream world.  

  The contrasting male vocal channels the alternating duets of the minimalistic elegant pop of The XX, as the two vocals reflect off of each other in alteration rather than stacked harmonies.   

Painting by Numbers brings a bass heavy chill wave groove, combining the deep bass vibe of vintage James Blake  and dark retro pop feel of Trevor Something.  Their soft synths deliver the chord melody in a dreamy atmosphere, and they bring an array of thoughtful sonic textures to the new single.  

  Whether your looking for a dreamy chill-wave soundtrack or a sexy late night banger, Weakness gets under your skin and speaks to your soul.  Between the alternating voices and the textured percussive melody of the beat, Painting By Numbers calls you to pull your lover close and slow-dance in a tight embrace. 

  Enjoy Weakness now on our Best New Indie synthwave playlist


Retro dance vibes with modern pop intellect define hands to yourself, the new single from Jazzy.  This synth soaked pop has the mainstream appeal that brought artists like The Weeknd and Dua Lipa into the wave-space, and Jazzy has the vocal chops to hang with the best of them.  These catchy melodies drip with heavy 80s and 90s pop inspiration, starting with Madonna and leading all the way up through Ace of Base.  

  Jazzy also has the underground retrowave spirit of NY faves Bunny X and rising star Kacy Hill.  An apt producer who founded the She Knows Tech collective, which aims to close the gender gap and celebrate an amazing International culture of female producers, Jazzy is a genius behind the board.  The mix is crisp and the execution is clean.  hands to yourself is radio ready.

  Jazzy’s fading purple and pink aura suits her bubblegum appeal as these fresh vibes are soaked in good times.  This feel good nostalgia is a proper pick me up to brighten your moment and fill your need for upbeat retro vibes.  

  “All done waiting for things to change over and over again,” Jazzy is a selfless influencer ready to embrace her own moment but graceful enough to lift up the women around her.  Be the change you want to see in the world. 

  Enjoy hands to yourself now on our Best New Indie Synthwave playlist.  

The Might Avon

We dug deep to bring you Cobra, Dear Heart.  The epic 10 minute masterpiece from The Mighty Avon Jnr.  The massive track, which is the last and the best song on their 2018 release Hold Everything Dear, has been flying under the radar way too long.  The Irish group is pushing the envelope on long format lyrical electronic music.  It has the layered indie spirit of LCD Soundsystem, and the deeper you devolve into this groove the more intoxicating it gets, as The Might Avon Jnr can drip spicy leads from its never-ending vault of synths and sonics in tandem.  

Cobra, Dear Heart is rooted in 80s post punk fervor, recalling the dissident vibes of Public Image Ltd, bringing punk into the synth club world.  These long format jams come club-ready to propel your chemically fueled need for extended beats.  The bedrock of Cobra, Dear Heart are crunchy synths and appregiating under layers, but the group brings a little of everything to the surface.  Unique guitar leads, delayed keyboard runs, and even well placed syncopated horns guide you through this dark punk trip.  

  Like an electronic Ian Curtis whose observed the maturation of his influence, how it dripped into early 90s alternative dance bands like Prodigy and early 2000’s indie acts like Interpol, the singer from Cobra, Dear Heart brings a little of all of this in a culmination of inspiration that is refreshing and new.  

  …and then there’s the drums.  Really the defining feature of this release, with alternating pick-ups and funky hi hat fills, its the glue that holds it all together.  

  Cobra, Dear Heart is finished with stellar execution, as everything grooves to perfection, like one big monstrous rhythm machine.  The sonic textures will take you on an intergalactic journey into this beatscape.  Synthwave and retrowave fans alike should appreciate the proficient utilization of synths and the clear affinity for classic 80s post punk anthems.  

  Enjoy Cobra, Dear Heart now on our Best New Indie Synthwave playlist.

Xander Cameron

Xander Cameron conjures a retro funk dream on his new single Whitney Houston.  The jiving tribute combines 80s style synths, 90s R&B, and 70s style soul disco funk to a T.  

  Xander contrasts his modern indie-pop vocal lead with a juicy female feature that drips with emotion and feeling.  He brings it full circle with a blaring soul-core saxophone.  The female vocal and sax feature give this production a pro feel, as Xander holds nothing back on this nostalgic dance-floor ready instant classic.  

Fans of retrowave superstars The Midnight will enjoy how Xander reimagines retro R&B with modern wave intellect.  Whitney Houston is a futuristic feel good soul jam that has picked up a few tricks along the way, inspired by the neo-soul-funk of Jamiroquai and Daft Punk’s Random Access, rooted in 80s soul pop and mixed crisp to hang with the indie pop of today.  

  Whitney Houston has mainstream appeal in a world hooked on nostalgia, but this retro is more soul than wave, and would sit nicely next to the future funk acts of artists like Jay Diggs.  

  Enjoy the new single from Xander Cameron, Whitney Houston, now on our Best New Indie Synthwave playlist.  

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