Women Of Trip Hop – Heather Christie, Georgia Winter, Temperature Falls, Eden Dawn

Deep-Bass Downtempo Vibes meet classic Hip-Hop Grooves on Heather Christie’s bumping new single The Way

Heather Christie is a force to be reckoned with.  She evolves the vocal hip hop spirit of The Fugees and Erikah Badhu, aware of how it influenced modern alternative R&B and bringing her own flavor to that vibe. Settling into the beat, she brings an additional indie pop sensibility and crossover appeal.  Her whispery vocal delivery is mixed personal and lush, it’s meant to get under your skin, as this dark introspective pop is best served in stereo.  

  This downtempo jam drips with classic Trip Hop aesthetic.  There’s a touch of the deep bass aura of Massive Attack and the mesmerizing grooves of Thievery Corporation.  

  The signature touch is the song itself, as Christie weaves intelligent melodic phrases and interesting leads beneath her sultry vocal.  The cadenced vocal arrangement is hypnotic, it draws you into the trance of this luscious groove before Christie’s verse vocal delivers an intoxicating blow.  You will get lost in this dark-chill vibe.  

   Dark-pop and chill-hop come together on the impressive new single from Heather Christie.  Check out The Way now on our Women of Trip Hop playlist.  

Georgia Winter

Georgia Winter recently dropped a sultry banger, I Know.  This is the kind of introspective dark pop night cap that keeps you in your feelings after an evening out on the scene.  The emotive nostalgic pop that elates an entire genre to rally around it, in the way that Kavinsky spurred a movement with his contribution to the soundtrack from the cult hit Drive.  Winter’s smoky deep delivery is rich with harmonious layers.  The overtones of her voice have the presence to lead this minimalist design, as I Know is more about atmosphere and sex appeal than an overload of chord play and melody. 

Her production style recalls the innovative artistry of FKA TWIGS and the bare atmospheric pop FINNEAS drew up for Billie Eilish.  Her rhythmic palette is rooted in alternative R&B and everything it inherited from 90s Hip Hop.  Trip Hop Lovers will revel in the combination of atmosphere, hip hop, and dark pop.

  Winter has magnetism to match her elite musical ability.  Her personality and aura are on full display on her IG and TikTok, where her otherworldly persona and unique beauty draws you into her intricate musical world.  With only 4 single releases on Spotify, I Know should contribute to her push towards super stardom, as she brings mass appeal to the evolving world of dark pop. 

  Enjoy I Know, now on our Women Of Trip Hop playlist. 

Temperature Falls

Temperature Falls evolves on their impressive new single, Reach.  One of our favorite emerging Trip Hop duos continues to push the envelope of their sound, drawing their affinity for industrial percussion deeper into a chill groove state.  A brooding bass carries the melodic movement as the vocal sways above the mix.  Fans drawn to the dark intoxicating melodic aura of bands like Polica, Lamb and trip hop trailblazers Smoke City will relish in this soaring vocal performance.  

Reach features impressive production, as the massive arrangement combines proficient use of live instrumentation with an acute sense of electronic intellect.  All of the tools of what appears to be a massive electronic arsenal are on display on Reach. The duo imprints subtle DJ aesthetics, mixing alternate segments in variable panned patterns, bringing a level of attention and care that embraces all that is available to them.  

  Recalling Trip Hop’s DJ roots, when looped layered samples grooved beneath an alternative pop vocal. Temperature Falls reimagines this vibe with an affinity for dark experimental pop, combining a culmination of influences that is captivating and fresh.  You can hear hints of influences picked up along the way, including the dark industrial leanings of Nine Inch Nails, the contemporary goth of Tori Amos, the melodic hard rock of A Perfect Circle.  It all comes together in a new, intoxicating package on Reach

  Enjoy Reach now on our Women of Trip Hop playlist.  

Eden Dawn

Eden Dawn takes us on an after hours trip on her new single 2:22 A.M.

The revolving single has a rich, progressive arrangement as build ups and break downs alternative in dramatic prose.  

Eden Dawn has the sad experimental vibes of Mitski, rooted in the dark pop of Tori Amos and recalling trip hop’s electro dance side.  It connects with the funky grooves of Blonde Redhead and Sneaker Pimps, as a haunting vocal soars over a pumping sample.  

The artist alternates between vulnerable and ethereal.  She’s willing to show you her bare untethered vocal before releasing her more calculated operatic soprano, as she soars above the mix like a dark pop angel.  

2:22 A.M. is meant to inspire introspective cinematic dreams.  The artist expelled a difficult period of her life in this art, and the angst and frustration brews from the vocal performance.  

Eden Dawn knows to let the groove play on, and the songs second movement keeps building as the hi-hat and the synth navigate the mix, slowly panning between bars.  Eden Dawn knows that the emotive vocal demands a retrospective outro.  The vocal is meant to pull you in, and then the groove leaves room for imaginative evolvement of harmonious undertones, the aura of the song that speaks to everyone differently.  A solid move from the exciting young producer.  

Enjoy 2:22 A.M. now on our Women Of Trip hop playlist

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