Music Videos We Love – Faux Real, Raphael Denomme, Seraphin, Black Bordello

Faux Real are fun and fresh on their new hit The United Snakes of America.  

This rare psych funk jam is both ingenious and playful.  It’s got a little bit of a shock and awe effect on the first view, not because its graphic, its just so different and a bit cheeky.  But make no mistake, this is serious intellect and craft, the same level of irony and talent that launched The Talking Heads, and referring to that same commitment to groove.  

The execution here is strong, with a retro palette that caters to the vibe.  The dynamic duo of Faux Real bring a raucous performance that reeks with style.  They raided the finest vintage closet in the land and selected all the best pieces to feature on the new vid. Every location is carefully selected to support contrast and authenticity.

This video is a gem, a cultural revelation with major break-out potential. It’s only a matter of time before we all take notice.

Flying way too far under the radar, enjoy The United Snakes of America.

Faux Real – The United Snakes Of America

Raphaël Dénommé is a an alt-country Americana shape shifter who brings a belly of influence to his new single Thief.  The raspy crooner drops a fine single it its own right, and lifts it to new heights with a fabulous video effort. 

It’s gonna be a classic roller-skate showdown as two indie-punk all female gangs face off at the local rink for dominance and glory.  

The skating dual dance-off recalls the spirit of Saturday Night Fever, and pairs perfectly with the disco-string production featured on Thief.  

These indie roller babes look hand picked for authenticity, as Thief is lifted by great casting, costume, and lighting to bring this southern retro dream full circle.  

Play it cool and enjoy Thief by Raphaël Dénommé .  

Raphaël Dénommé  – Thief

Its classic scandal and romance on the video for Carolina Lunchtime, the new single from French group Séraphin.  The noir black and white colorless Calvin Klein style cinematography is the perfect match for this raw sexy single.  The video is full of innuendo, and the sleek curves of this horse riding princess are on full display in the videos closing sequence.  Like the masterful temptations in cinema, you can’t help but hope for a reveal as you voyeur at the sexual tension of these two young lusty lovers.  

  The exotic aura of the French countryside and a legacy of this country’s revolutionary sexual culture are on full display, but Séraphin can pull at your fantasy and remain elegant and classy, as the video never progresses beyond the gaze of these young lovers.  It’s all there to grab you and keep you watching, as you are locked in to this violins hypnotic melody. 

Séraphin – Carolina Lunchtime

Black Bordello has a penchant for obscure B-Roll style videos.  It’s all there to benefit their progressive oft-jazz-rock musical movements, as their style is already full of creepy cinematic lift. 

  On Drones, they channel the best worse part of your ill fated trip, channelling the dark playful spirit of Frank Zappa’s Mothers.  

  On Spectre Man they escort you to a David Lynch style cabaret, as the red color palette drips with Twin Peaks aesthetic, and the rigid clay characters refer to Eraserhead.  

Black Bordello pairs a strong, fiery female lead with an art rock combo that guaranteed to highlight your music fest experience, as these jams are ripe to be fleshed out live to match an excited crowds thirst for extended jams.

Enjoy Drones and Spectre Man, and keep an eye out for this fun emerging artsy super group.

Black Bordello – Drones
Black Bordello – Spectre Man

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