Emerging Folk – Brick Blair, Sean David Christensen, L’Resorts, Comilitunes

Brick Blair remembers hard times on his new single Two Dollar Coat.  These strong lyrical themes document the darker version of the American experience, the one where vulnerable folks hit hard times.  It documents our friends, family, and neighbors who got hit with an injury and found themselves hooked on pills, or buried in medical bills, unable to pull themselves out of the rut and without a friend or family to turn to.  Our forgotten neighbors so often misunderstood and misrepresented in the story of Americana.  

  Like Springsteen, Blair takes on the darker side of the American experience, and lends his voice to the forgotten.  He humanizes the plight of the beggar, how their shame stripped them of their pride, and the pain of having to face it in the eyes of gazers passing by.  Like John Prine and more recently Gregory Alan Isakov, he brings full character with just his voice and a softly delivered guitar, and he injects beauty into these difficult truths.  It’s a vibe that comes with an aura of hope, as most have experienced stretches of difficult times and can relate to this elegant tribute.  

  Enjoy Two Dollar Coat now on our Emerging Folk playlist.  

Sean David Christensen

Los Angeles based songwriter Sean David Christensen gets sentimental on his new single, I Miss The Old You.  The soothing americana vibe recalls the glory days of Laurel Canyon, as an atmospheric lap steel roams beneath a standard arrangement of theatrical piano, acoustic, bass and drums.  California rich choral harmonies and well placed thirds are littered throughout, an ode to how The Beach Boys influenced CSNY and the Eagles.  

  Sean David Christensen recalls the country leanings of Gordon Lightfoot with the soft vocal touch of James Taylor.  His style is vintage 70s, and he expertly captures that essence without devolving into Dad Rock.  I Miss the Old You feels authentic like those classic 70s gems.  A testament to his craftsmanship as a songwriter, it’s got the right amount of variation and pickup in the writing to keep it original and unique.  Most importantly, like the great writers of that aforementioned era, Sean David offers a relatable sentiment that feels fresh.  Lyrically, he offers something to hold onto.  A simple sentiment for regular folk who want to get right to it.  We can all use a little abstract from time to time, but occasionally we just want to get straight to the heart of the matter, and Sean David delivers on this new instant classic.  

  Fans of that classic 70s canyon sound looking for something new will enjoy the new single, but Sean David Christensen should also appeal to most fans of modern country, as well as alt-country acts like The Woods Brothers, Jason Isbell, and even Chris Stapleton.  It’s that authentic desert soul that yearns for the heartland. 

  Enjoy I Miss The Old You now on our Emerging Folk playlist.  


L’Resorts bring a wholesome sound on their new single, The People You Meet.  The Milwaukee based project is fronted by Vincent Kircher and Martha Cannon, resident purveyors of their local scenes who’ve released works with their respective projects Jaill and Lady Cannon.  With L’Resorts,they evolve into indie folk troubadours and embrace the community spirit of groups like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.  The People You Meet is a charming duet that connects with recent works by Shovels and Rope, The Lumineers,  and The Head and the Heart in how it leans country with a clear indie aesthetic.  There’s a hint of the cool kid urban art pop roots of acts like The Velvet Underground, with an affinity for psych pop and how it celebrates droning organs and and trebly guitars.  

  Like Broken Social Scene did for indie rock, the project celebrates various players in the local scene, offering them a fun outlet and a chance to get their indie country fix. L’Resorts would fit nicely on a bill with burgeoning Philly group Cosmic Guilt, who embrace a similar ethos and are winning accolades in their hometown.  

  The sweet wholesome vocal effort of The People You Meet brings mainstream appeal and crossover potential.  Its the candid nostalgic puppy-love sentiment to brighten your day, the classic Southern Charm of Americana’s treasured duets, executed effortlessly on this new instant classic. 

  Enjoy The People You Meet now on our Emerging Folk playlist.  


Comilitunes offer a reflective moment on their quaint new single Where Things Go.  The beautiful, expressive piano playing of Constantin Hauck compliments Lisa Istenes silky smooth voice.  Double Bassist Mina Lichtenberg adds a full, percussive touch, injecting a big sound into this minimalist arrangement.  Altogether the trio delivers an atmospheric and dreamy vibe while staying true to their natural inclinations.  The subtle echo recalls the effect of a concert hall performance, and only serves to embellish the natural character and how it might be presented.  

  Fans of Birdy and Emeli Sande’ will immediately fall for Comilitunes, as they share that affinity for soul with undeniably indie aesthetic.  They could also connect with fans of artists like Darlingside who bring a feel good, retrospective essence to everything they do.  

  Where Things Go has been released in advance of Comiltunes new album Home Tonight, due out on 4/22.  The offer that the new single represents security in uncertainty.  Despite all of the unknowns in our world today, we are certain that when these talents come together, beauty erupts.  Get a taste of this serene offering in advance of the 4/22 full release, enjoy Where Things Go now on our Emerging Folk playlist. 

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