Women of Trip Hop – JIVA, May Roze, Arula, Mari

Israeli Trip Hop princess JIVA is back with her new single AHAVA | אהבה.  With Ukrainian origins, the singers new art reflects both her support, and inner turmoil as she hopes family and friends still in Ukraine survive the shellings and ground invasion.  

  An institution herself, the artists also enjoys an impressive fitness career, which has also mostly been on hold since the war started.  JIVA is pouring everything into spreading a message of peace and love.  Whether it be music or lifestyle, JIVA displays  impressive discipline and intellect.  

  For our listeners who don’t speak Hebrew, JIVA offers this explanation of the songs meaning.  “AHAVA is a love song. Not about romantic love, but the love that only the soul can experience. When you experience this feeling, there is no place for violence in the world.”

  Much like this universal message of the metaphysical human experience, JIVA breaks through language barriers with her music, which brings an intoxicating aura dipping in exotic eastern sounds.  Paired with an affinity for experimental electronic music, it recalls pseudo-world artists like M.I.A who made universal dark dance pop.  

  JIVA is in essence a tantric siren who can soar above the mix like an ethereal angel.  She is ripe with immaculate erotic appeal and mystique, the beauty and talent that tortured kings and occupied poets through ancient history.  On AHAVA you will get lost in her hypnotic melodies as they slither like a cobra around the melody.  Within this intoxicating aura there is an undeniable sadness.  JIVA is grieving the turmoil to the North, and channeling her spirit’s energy to bring healing and closure to the conflict.  Our hearts are with her in this struggle.  

  Check out AHAVA now on our Women Of Trip Hop playlist.  

May Roze

May Roze vibes on the new single Heal.  The title track off of her new EP, the track drips with retro soul.  It displays a rich production palette, with some of the experimental pop stylings of Banks and FKA Twigs.  The sensual spiritual aura would also draw fans of Polica and alternative R&B.  The downtempo beat married with pop signals trip hops modern evolution and how it has inspired a new group of artists.   Much like trip hops founders, Roze is heavily influenced by Kate Bush.  She shares her affinity for ethereal soundscapes and soft synths.  Roze also brings a sweet, heartfelt vocal full of emotion and vulnerability.  

  Within this intoxicating vibe is a strong message about getting better.  We can all use a little healing right now, and Roze is going to get you right in the feels with this timely homage.  

  All is revealed in the tracks spoken word bridge section, as Roze professes “We spend so much time focused on the bad, I don’t wanna live in the past. We spend so much time thinking we can heal ourselves, why don’t we just focus there?… leave the past where it belongs, today I want to heal.

  Also citing Bjork and Enya as influences, Roze is drawn to female trailblazers who redefined Womans role in the electronic and experimental music.  Between Bush, Bjork, and Enya, three artists who were so unique in their presence that they reimagined musical genres and carved out their own styles so unique they’ve triggered debates about how to classify their styles.  Roze joins them in dipping into multiple musical worlds without firmly settling into one principle.  Retro pop, trip hop, chill wave, and R&B all find their way into her creative spectrum.  She whirls them together gracefully, delivered ripe with authentic.  

  Our hearts go our to all the people of the world who need healing in this delicate time, especially the people of war torn Ukraine.  

  The world needs Heal, take it in now on our Women Of Trip Hop playlist.  


  San Fran based producer Arula gets dark on her new single Too Much.  A prolific writer, Arula has been dropping singles and honing her sound over the past couple of years, and Too Much might be her most calculated release yet.  Brooding deep bass sub synths lurk beneath scattered drums and percussive samples as the singer ties together various phrases like mantras in mindful meditations.  Arula’s journey as a spiritual healer mirrors her melodic phrasing.  Lyrically, Too Much is equal parts closure and a reflection of an empowered woman’s effect on an insecure lover.  The music hits hard, like the resolution as Arula realizes her power.  She wants to embrace your love without become submissive to your insecurities, refusing to let insecure inhibitions imprison her potential.  

  Too Much is an anthem of sexualized Woman as Queen, empowered to embrace all the traits of her sacred making.  Some just can’t handle a sexy beautiful woman who is stronger, wiser, and smarter than they are.  Oh well too F*cking bad, the girl of your dreams is also likely going to save the world, deal with it. 

  Arula sits nicely on our Women of Trip Hop playlist next to artists like Sevdaliza, Goldfrapp, and even icons like Portishead  and Massive Attack who bring deep bass vibes to the Trip Hop world.

  Enjoy Too Much now on our Women Of Trip Hop playlist.  


Mari creates big atmospheres on her new single Rocky Mountain.  The dense soundscapes  are colored with crisp textures as Rocky Mountain hits like a master class in elite production.  And Mari is in fact an elite producer who flexes hard on this new smash. You will becomes fully immersed on this electro trip, as Mari displays traits of dubstep, EDM, and trip hop seemlessly.  Her ethereal vocal tendencies lend themselves to the angelic atmosphere that makes Mountain so lush, it is the one part of this production that is at its essence beautiful.  Everything else is injected with melodic beauty by the writer, who takes jagged synths and dirty guitars and crafts them with catchy ingenuity.  

  The progressive movements in Rocky Mountain will take you on an auditorial trip, as she tweaks the EDM inspired drop, pumping it up with techno steroids as she zig-zags between emotional palettes.  The prettiest parts of Heaven collide with careless days of decadence in her impressive multi-verse. 

  Mari is flying way too far under the radar.  She’s got the 360 appeal of great writing, wonderful vocals, and immaculate production.  She should appeal to a wide net of indie pop and experimental electro lovers alike, with the crossover potential of a SZA or Billie Eilish, or the underground lure of Banks or Grimes.  

  We take pride in discovering artists long before they’re recognized, and we’d put our money down on Mari. Dig in to Rocky Mountain now on our Women Of Trip Hop playlist.  

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