Emerging Folk – boci, Jordan Pratt, Oropendola, Fearn

We immediately grew in love with The Garden, the new single from boci. The Bristol based songwriter is dreamy and imaginative, but crystal clear with intention.  Garden builds from a minimalistic folk piece to a fully realized dreamworld.  On the outset it recalls the introspective folk of Nick Drake, with intricate picked guitar and a measured vocal.  The artists vocal is full of charm and understanding, they aim to ease you into their world, knowing that heavy revelations await you.  The Garden is best emitted full volume in complete immersion, as an auditory masterpiece erupts in the songs second section.  

  Fans of atmospheric folk acts like Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes will relish in this cinematic soundscape, as boci delivers an alternative to the aforementioned modern icons, allowing these roots to be engulfed in full immersion.  boci utilizes so much of their lush musical palette including soothing synths, stacked violins, ethereal vocal layers, and even a timely whistle.  In conceptual realization, The Garden grows beyond your wildest comprehension.  It remains true to melody, but evolves so rich in texture and detail that it inspires spiritual transmission.  You will get lost in this extensive dreamworld and you will desire more, as The Garden leaves you hanging hooked line and sinker.    

  Flying way too far under the radar, wander into The Garden now on our Emerging Folk playlist.  

Jordan Pratt

  Jordan Pratt found truth in the simple makings of guitar and voice.  A student of opera and musical theatre, he pivoted to contemporary songwriter and relocated to LA.  Since he has been winning praise with steady releases that display his breadth of influence and potential as an emerging songwriter.  His new EP, The Deepest of Blues, is a strong 6 song collection showcasing Pratt’s versatility as a songwriting and affirming his prolific value. 

Pratt is masterful, weaving together melodic alterations built around his signature vibe, expressive picked guitars full of harmonious voicings.   Fans of Darlingside and Sufjan Stevens more pure acoustic offerings will immediately connect with this vibe, as Pratt’s vocal relaxes into the music.   Subtle strings and rare harmonies only arrive to support the songs sacred making, as Pratt always stays true to intent.  His quivering, emotional delivery suggests what these songs might mean.  

  The plight of an artist is complicated, as the best of us are torn between two conceptualized worlds; the one we can’t live without and the one where we can’t make a living.  Lyrical offerings suggest sacrifices were made along the way, and that Pratt needs to marry two Loves that demand all of him.  On the heartfelt Please he laments “I promise with all that I am, I will do the best that I can.  Please, I can’t do this if it isn’t you next to me, so please don’t leave, while I am falling.”  

  Find solace in Please, now on our Emerging Folk playlist.  


A playful toy piano introduces Stillness, the new single from Oropendola.  Full of wonder, the tinkering lullaby with wound-up affect wills you to an auditory Neverland.  Oropendola embraces our cinematic imaginations, drawing ancient hallucinations with whipped breathes and instinctual whimpers.  The vocal master has worked with some of our favorite indie pop artists including Barrie and Half Waif. Stillness is Oropendola’s debut single. 

Describing her music as chamber pop, she dresses her soundscapes with elements of celesta, harp, flugelhorn, clarinet, and synths.  Altogether, Stillness is a journey that transcends convention.  We conjured heavy interpretations from its compelling design.  From the metaphor of changing seasons we drew a musical conversation on the evolution of our souls, as the intro section arrives sweet like an innocent child.  The hush voices introduce the age of lost innocence, as the artist suggests “Winter won’t last much longer my dear,” before you are fully released by spiritual omniscience.  

  We recognize that it is dangerous to find meanings in this beautiful abstract art, and admit that you may pull something different from this sacred Stillness.  One thing is for certain, Oropendola is an undiscovered gem with a unique musical gift.  The genre bending artist combines the cinematic intellect of Danny Elfman with the oft-pop catchiness of Kate Bush.  Equally melodic and curious, incredibly fresh. 

Get lost in Stillness, now on our Emerging Folk playlist.  


Fearn is Sussex based producer and writer Will Taylor.  We were smitten by his new single, Lake Annecy.  Recently, our cups overflow with artists showing so much potential on their debuts, and Fearn adds an interesting alteration as he brings a keen eye towards collaboration.   The new project is his opportunity to create music without limitation. Recently he connected with Lorphe on this beautiful debut.

The dreamy production is lush with orchestration.  Lorphe’s smoky delivery is the ideal compliment to Taylor’s expansive arrangement.  Cascading piano fills roll above an atmosphere of synths and soft pads as Lorphe settles into the musical oasis.  Drawing inspiration from Bon Iver as well as emerging indie pop buzz artist Charlotte Day Wilson, Fearn shares their penchant for innovative melodies and intoxicating vibes.  Crafted with indie folk sensibility, and featuring a robust female lead, it conjures comparisons to one of our favorite NYC emerging talents, Jackie Marchal.  It should also appeal to fans of Rhye, as Lorphe’s sultry delivery is both soothing and sensual, lifting Lake Annecy out of the water and into the bedroom. 

The artist admits that Lake Annecy is in fact “inspired by the feeling of being in love with someone, and feeling encompassed by it, like warm water.”  In metaphorical perfection you will be engulfed in Fearn’s dreamy atmospheric soundscape, as Lorphe walks you through these emotive musical movements like a patient mentor revealing romantic bounties of love and desire.  

  From here Fearn could effortlessly resolve to indie pop or indie folk. How the project evolves is yet to be seen, but we look forward to upcoming offerings.  

  Enjoy Lake Annecy now on our Emerging Folk playlist

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