Emerging Folk – Morgan Olai, Francis Eden, Signs of Site, Joe Kann

Norway songwriter Morgan Olai embraces the aura of Americana on his new album Nothing At The End Of Everything.  The expansive 12 song album is all killer no filler, as Morgan is a hotbed of catchy harmonies and intelligent arrangements.  He wavers between cool-kid chill mode and city slicker shuffle, as an element of bedroom pop infiltrates the alt-country vibes.  The combinations is charming, recalling acts like Dr Dog, Lord Huron, and Edward Sharpe.  It’s rooted in the thoughtful songwriting legacy of Nielsen, Paul Simon, and post Pet Sounds Beach Boys.  

  The A side features 3 instant classic.  The Woman’s Got Me Down, Many Million Years From Now, and Low Expectations are radio ready NPR thirst traps.  Listeners of World Cafe Live would soak in these tasty melodies.  Olai can write a proper hook and always stay conceptual.  Lyrically, his narratives evolve elegantly, remaining true to their intent and providing clever details to paint a full picture of Olai’s world.  

  Ultimately, Nothing At The End Of Everything brings a sweet intoxicating vibe.  Olai can appeal to fans of slack-rocker Mac Demarco as well as summery icons The Thrills, and more.  Pour an Arnold Palmer and kick back, Morgan Olai pairs perfectly with today’s timely unplanned holiday.  

  Enjoy Low Expectations and Many Million Years From Now on our Emerging Folk playlist.  

Francis Eden

Francis Eden peered into the looking glass and saw all the trivial perils of adulthood.  She dissected the silly conventions and bottled them into her new single, Fool’s Gold.  “Soul’s Sold, for Fool’s Gold,” Eden laments.  

Francis is careful to softy relay these findings, she loves her Mama and the sacrifices made to raise her.  But Eden belongs to a generation that realized that you should never work harder for anyone else than you would for your yourself.  With Fool’s Gold, she’s penned an anthem for our enlightened youth, a love letter to her peers, a celebration of middle class revolutions.  

  The strong lyrical design is supported by Eden’s sweet vocal, layered arrangement, and sharp execution.  Sampled orchestration, soft synths, and lush voices provide a rich atmospheric layer.  The dreamy underbelly brings depth to the crisp straightforward drums, pianos, and guitars that groove on top.  Eden has appropriately been compared to Lana Del Rey and Clairo.  The deep production layers also recall indie icons Badly Drawn Boy and Father John Misty.  One thing’s for certain, Francis Eden is an undiscovered gem of the Australian indie scene, possessing both impressive production and clever songwriting.  

  Buy into Fool’s Gold, now on our Emerging Folk playlist

Signs Of Site

Something beautiful and different.  A mantra at the cornerstone of our mission statement as bloggers and musical truth seekers.  The new single from Chicago based indie pop project Signs Of Site titled There’s No One Else But You is hauntingly unfamiliar.  It references ethereal dark chamber pop,  but is at essence more minimal in design.  The simple ingredients make these roads less travelled more exciting.  This is the four chord pattern you just can’t place, it draws you in with its puzzling mystique, as you attempt to decipher its similarities, ironically getting lost in these melodic illusions.  The sneaky repetition, twisted by the revolving piano lead that sits on top, is addictively hypnotic.  

  “No one makes me do a thing like you do, walk around on a sidewalk all alone.”  It begs to ask, what compels an artist to create such introspective work?  We are rewarded in that through their longing our souls are recharged.   These works offer an understanding that all of our insecurities and premonitions are shared, an under-represented human element in social traditions,.  Lately, it mostly shows up in our art.  There’s No One Else But You elegantly delivers, and stands alone in singularity and voice.  

  Signs of Site should appeal to fans of Bon Iver and James Blake, as it brings sad boy vibes with melodic distinction, a testament to the artists craft as a songwriter.  And, as we mentioned, it’s beautiful and different.  

  Enjoy There’s No One Else But You now on our Emerging Folk playlist.  

Joe Kann

  Feel good classic acoustic vibes are at the cornerstone of Something Beautiful, Something Good.  The new single from Atlanta based songwriter Joe Kann brings a classic vibe to modern themes of overindulgence and cheap thrills.  Kann wants to get back to what’s good, the simple way of living, without getting caught up in dangerous obsessions and endless ambitions.  He knows, growing old an’t pretty, but there’s serenity in this design, if you give yourself to it.  Wise words from a working class poet, giving a voice to everyday folk caught up in the madness of modern life.  

  Kann fits in nicely with classic songwriters like James Taylor and John Prine.  With proficient finger picking he weaves together thoughtful progressions, and he knows to keep the song moving, keep it evolving like the journey in his song.  

  Joe put the axe down for 30 years.  Covid inspired a lot of people to get back to their truths.  Joe’s dropping musical diaries that span a lifetime.  He’s been around the block a time or two, it’s fair to say that he knows a little something about life.  

  Enjoy Something Beautiful, Something Good now on our Emerging Folk playlist

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