Arena Rock Revival – Inhaler

INHALER – live at TLA Philadelphia

From the lineage of rock and roll royalty a new powerhouse arrives.  The undeniable infection of Inhaler will draw reasonable comparisons considering their connection to U2, and the iconic groups fans are happy to embrace the correlation.  When they came on the scene, it was revealed that singer Elijah Hewson is Bono’s son. 

Elijah Hewson – lead vocals

On the outset they drew legions of crossover fans looking for a younger version of their favorite rockers, but what they got was so much more exciting.  Inhaler carves out their own unique soundscape, drawing from indie rocks vibrant reincarnation.  There’s that crisp mainstream drip known to The Killers and Kings of Leon, combined with an affinity for big sonic pop. 


Two years ago the crowd was a little older, but go see Inhaler now and its obvious they’ve earned a young following looking for an energetic rock and roll release.  We were lucky to catch their set in Philly last month, and we’re totally sold on this indie rock revival.  Ready to rejuvenate a dying festival scene ransacked by cheesy DJ’s and EDM karaoke acts, Inhaler could be Rock’s next arena darling.  It’s been a while since real Rock had a true mega-act.  Inhaler has a chance. 

  Enjoy My Honest Face, now on our Best New Rock playlist, and dig these photos from TWIC photographer Phillip Lebowitz. 

(all photos credit: Phillip Lebowitz on behalf of TWIC courtesy of Interscope Records)

Robert Keating – Bass
Josh Jenkinson – Lead Guitar
Ryan McMahon – Drums

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