Underground Punk Revival – Twelve Twelve, Lost Like Lions, Mike Stoyanov

Twelve Twelve recently caught our attention with their exciting new single Sucker For Serotonin.  The friends formed the band so that their scene could have some raw punk for their friends to mosh to.  Refreshingly original, Sucker For Serotonin has a genuine appeal and feel that should cast a wide net. 

It’s a bit raw and sloppy, but in a charming way that sometimes feels genius.  The draw is in the melodic appeal of the songwriting, and the clear emotion that inspired it.  When the singer goes to screaming in the songs closing section, it provides an epic ending that delivers.  It recalls classic works by The Replacements, how they penned rare melodic masterpieces in a raw rock package.  With this kind of writing and youthful angst, Twelve Twelve could fall in with bands like Shame, joining a new movement with vintage punk aesthetic. 

  Enjoy Sucker For Serotonin now on our Underground Punk Revival Playlist. 

Lost Like Lions

Buffalo punks Lost Like Lions make catchy nostalgic anthems.  Their new single Medicate, featuring Aj Perdomo of the band The Dangerous Summer, could be a new crossover punk classic.  It recalls that classic 90s punk evolution into mainstream, when bands like Pixies and Weezer split out of Alternative rock and back into punk.  Like these bands, Medicate retains the sonic sensibility of alternative, offering cleaner in the pocket drums and more washed out distorted guitar tones with measured accurate execution. 

  Medicate also kicks with punk attitude, even embellishes it with a hint of theater and sarcasm.  The neo 90s punk generation that inspired this music had a new Hollywood confidence.  It was more rooted in skater culture, and attracted some rebellious athletic kids who could keep the nerd punks from getting beat up.  The music served a new purpose, part of a complete package that included hot topic fashion and extreme sports.  This suburban punkscene gets a bad rap.  It was a damn good time and lifted up a lot of kids. 

Lost Like Lions embrace this treasured era, and they do it elegantly.  These catchy hooks come verified.  There’s a hint of punks next poppier movement.  Teasing subtle vibes relative to Fall Out Boy and The All-American Rejects.  There are also similarities to mid 90s proto-alternative bands like Tonic and Toad The Wet Sprocket.  It’s feel good presentable punk that never gets old, the new timeless classics that always stay fresh. 

  Enjoy Medicate now on our Underground Punk Revival Playlist. 

Mike Stoyanov

London Rocker Mike Stoyanov is out of control on his new single One Night Stand.  The energetic rocker thrashes his way through this angry post punk Johnny Rotten style tirade.  The main riff will draw comparisons to Nirvana, but as the lead guitar kicks Stoyanov is less grunge and more vintage punk.  He also embraces the thrashing brit-punk-pop hybrid flash of bands like Libertines and Vines. 

The dejected punk fantasy is more loathing than angst, instead of being an anthem for debauchery it might become a song for misfits who’ll never get the chance to be that guy.  Stoyanov doesn’t sound excited, he sounds angry.  For us, it’s more about a resentment for guys who get away with it in the first place, and the confusion of why girls keep pursuing those type of men over wholesome punks like us. 

Punk is the music of outcasts, about their uncommon experience.  That’s why the real version of it, at its essence, can never truly be mainstream.  It’s in contempt of everything related to popular culture.  Stoyanov says he makes music to “make you feel alive,” and we like that because we’re dead inside.  

  Enjoy One Night Stand now on our Underground Punk Revival playlist

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