Best New Rock – Alta Falls, The Rapports, The Best Around, Blind Season

The new single from Alta Falls is insatiably catchy synth pop magic.  Aptly titled Trust Me, we promise you it slaps from front to back.  

Alta Falls first caught our attention with their anthemic The Fire.  With Trust Me, the duo shows they’re not a trick pony.  Trust Me has all the variation to hit different while staying within the parameters of their signature style.  Collectively, Alta Falls is building a portfolio of catchy indie pop bangers that should attract fans of indie rock and blogwave alike.  The vocals could draw similarities to Synthwave mega-band The Midnight, and the bands coveted “fans also like “ section is littered with buzzing synthwave artists such as Sandor Gavin and Color Theory.  

  Alta Falls could also attract fans of The Lo Moon and Future Islands.  Their writing is rich with an indie sensibility.  Bright new-wave era guitars are at the foundation of their design.  They inject their compositions with classic retro intellect.  The nostalgic outcome is captivating.  Adding an element of ethereal dreamy atmosphere glues the jagged phrases of Trust Me together.  A solid arrangement from these new pop masters, it should draw more retro lovers to the altar of Alta Falls. 

  Get caught in Trust Me, now on our Best New Rock Playlist.  

The Rapports

The Rapports are back and feeling Alive.  Following up the flash success of Wanna Be, the Brighton four-piece crafts their own “la-la’ call and response classic.  Always celebrating their affection for indie brit pop, Alive recalls reckless jams by Libertines with the polished execution of The Kooks.  There’s a 90s alternative sensibility, a bit of Matchbox 20 style alt-pop polish.  Rapports bring widespread appeal.  These jams come radio ready.  A pro studio touch brings crisp textures while retaining a sense of raw raucous energy.  True tube amped guitars emit warm dirty tones that’ll explode from a vinyl feature.  A solid record, it’s all a calling card to see The Rapports live.  Their growing catalog is stocked full of catchy songs with rowdy jams.  

  Besides slaying fresh jams, The Rapports are a tone of fun.  The joy can be heard in their performance, but their jest is on full display on the new singles music video.  They let their personalities shine with unexpectedly fun performances. 

Frontman Thomas Skilton brings star power.  You’re drawn to his  unlimited energy and refreshing confidence.  Rallying around his lead, its a fruitful collaboration that’s sure to win all the members praise and accolades.  Already kicking butt in the UK, it’s just a matter of time before they’re  kicking it in the states.  

  Wake up to Alive now on our Best New Rock playlist. 

The Best Around

The three scenesters who make up The Best Around are here to help us rediscover a good time.  The carefree vibe is on full display on the new single Didn’t Come Here to Count ‘em.  Ready to cite the Beatles as an inspiration, The Best Around embraces Rock’s first movement in how it referenced the blues.  With southern sensibility it’s as if the Flying Burrito Brothers and The Rolling Stones formed a supergroup.  A fitting comparison, The Best Around brings together 3 rock and roll journeymen.  They’ve paid their dues and it shows in the tracks tight execution.  Their not-so-secret weapon is they don’t take themselves too seriously, not anymore at least.  Having a good time never sounded so good.  Natural arrangers, bright Byrds-esque guitar riffs and swelling horns dance around a charismatic vocal.  

They love what they do and they do what they want.  They catch your attention out the gate with lyrical gems like “Saw the prettiest girls I’ve ever seen in my life, beer goggles come into focus, oh shit that’s my wife.”

  She wants to know how many beers he drank, he lets her know, he didn’t come here to count ‘em.  As the song progresses, he lets everyone know.  It’s a drunken alt-country epic ripe for an encore chorus on a live extended jam.  

  Charming and exuberant, its the kind of feel good bop that’s guaranteed to get the crowd out of their seats.  It’s an unexpected party anthem bred out of lockdown doldrums.  

  The tasty single caps off with a proper beer break and we’re not mad about it. 

  Cheer up to Didn’t Come Here To Count ‘em now on our Best New Rock Playlist.  

Blind Season

Blind Season caught our attention with their new single Wine & Hair Dye.  The catchy alt-rock anthem suggests inspirations in shoegaze, post-emo, and classic alternative.  It’s upbeat presentable rock with radio potential.  Wine & Hair Dye can hit heavy without losing its harmonious character. Powerful explosive guitars retain their melodic depth.  There’s clear lineage to 90s alternative in this riff heavy design.  With a hint of emotional angst, it connects with classic singles by Smashing Pumpkins.  It also connects with 90s underground pre-emo acts like Built to Spill and Jimmy Eat World, while also referencing the heavier tonal palettes of post-hardcore acts like Title Fight.  

  Leaning into a gated snare, the backbeat pumps with energetic fury.  Beneath slashing layered guitars and a driving bass, Blind Season crafts an arrangement meant to hit hard.  Dipping into progressive clean breaks in the spirit of classic alternative, the alternations are epic, with each drop hitting harder than the last.  Vocalist Shane Sigro brings the right combination of emotion and accuracy to cut above the mix.  The long expressive vocal melodies create a dreamy affect, but Blind Season’s mix stays crisp.  They never devolve to washing out the mix with atmosphere and echo, instead, it’s the intellect of the writing and arrangement that draw similarities to classic shoegaze and its trademark dreamy vibe.  Embracing these addictive vibes in a bright rock package, Blind Season marries the best of both worlds. 

  Enjoy Wine & Hair Dye now on our Best New Rock Playlist.  

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