Best New Indie – Ruru, AC Peer, Joshua Woo, The Magic Epic

We fell in love with the elegant art pop that is Ruru.  The virtuoso musician dropped a heavy dose with their recent full length Glorious Miscellanea.  Kicking it off with their mega hit Chewing Gum, the trippy multi-format groover ‘menage a trois’ has the pop-funk-jazz infection known to Thundercat, Louis Cole, and Knower.    

  The Filipino multi-disciplinary artist Denice Quimbo admits her admiration for Frank Zappa, and the Mother’s era trademark xylophone can be heard on WYWD.  Front to back the new album is full of impressive, studied instrumentation that shows an advance understanding of musical motives.  This is not your typical indie pop pentatonic rule of thirds, Ruru digs into all 12 musical notes without relent.  Straight up jams like Eyes of a Blue Dog offer players in constant motion, with Quimbo’s sugary-smooth voice being the only latchable musical token, as every other note seems to rush away to make room for the next.  

  With heavy grooves and R&B flavor, Ruru could connect with alternative R&B artists like Biig Piig and Baird.  She should also appeal to fans of art pop projects likes Mitski and Japanese Breakfast.  Ruru laps all of them in funky prowess, often recalling vintage Sly and early P-Funk.  With a soothing vocal delivery, she brings crossover potential, feasting on fans of pop and contemporary music alike.  

  Enjoy Chewing Gum now on our Best New Indie Playlist 

AC Peer

AC Peer is a vibe.  The emotive soul singer captivates with their new EP Howard’s Hue.  Setting the tone right out the gate with the infectious Two Burns, the artist immediately takes you to church.  The praise style vocal delivery brings blue eyed-soul with indie sensibility.  The collective vibe should please fans of Hozier, James Blake, and Sam Smith.  

  In the aura of early James Blake, AC Peer is refreshingly minimalistic on Lindenhurst.  Leaning on his finest qualities as a drummer and singer, a bass and keyboard comp the melody for his sticks and voice to navigate.  Leaving his voice raw and true, he trusts his pitch enough to make it all about the feel, channeling classic singers like Bill Withers and Stevie Wonder in delivery and affect. 

  The guitar is more present on the jamming Not Peer’s Morgan. A candid cheeky vocal delivery, paired with tasty guitar licks, conjures memories of Prince.  The play on words of the title reveals devilish intent, AC Peer’s not afraid of a good time.  The theatrical affection carries through on the dramatic Plug Me In.  The collective drama that is Howard’s Hue is meant to pull you out of your seat and into your emotion.  These emphatic cuts should Plug You In to your emotional conscience, as musical roadmaps to reconnect with your soulful side.  With swagger and conviction, AC Peer wills you to feel something.  Wrapped with indie R&B aesthetic, it could be the soundtrack for your next night of self discovery.  

  Enjoy Two Burns now on our Best New Indie Playlist 

Joshua Woo

Joshua Woo caught our attention with their new single Sunflower Seeds.  The upbeat synth pop banger has subtle retro vibes mixed with the chill-pop indie grooves known to today.  Stylistically it fits in with bands likes Dayglow, Viben, and Spaceface.  Artists who reference indie pop new synth heavy movement while creating a style all their own. 

Woo’s signature could be in the impressive 80s era guitar work.  Complete with pitch harmonics and heavy sustain, it suggests what Randy Rhodes might sound like on a modern record.  The guitar aesthetic recalls retrowave producers like Sebastian Gampl and how they’ve reintroduced classic guitar to retro pop.  

  Joshua Woo mixes and produces his own stuff.  Sunflower Seeds is complete with an impressive arrangement and killer beat.  An active Twitch partner and boasting a large Tik Tok following, Woo has been getting recognized for his impressive multi-dimensional talents.  Connecting with an exciting movement in synth pop, Sunflower Seeds belongs on a festival stage here and far.  

  Enjoy Sunflower Seeds now on our Best New Indie Playlist 

The Magic Epic

The Magic Epic just dropped their new record 36.  The dense 10 track release is soul rock with indie sensibility.  The artists vocal delivery is full of passion and conviction.  His voice is somewhere between David Gray and The Lone Bellow, with a touch of roots rock like on That House

He employs heavy doses of dreamy layered production on songs like Summer and Sing It Out that could draw similarities to Bon Iver, Hozier, and The War On Drugs.  The vibe recalls how rock evolved in the 80s, and the artist openly acknowledges the influence with an epic cover of Take On Me.  

  Sharing a dense collection of thoughtful tunes, the artist casts a wide stylistic net while always staying within his signature vibe.  The intersecting mood of the tunes give 36 a cinematic presence.  The joy of these works and a fantastic musical life explodes out of the song Epic Deluxe – Sangria.  These Island Indie vibes in indie recall Phosphorescent but with a hint of the melodic design known to Roy Orbison.  From busking streets on fire to hitting the studio with players from ELO and 10cc, the Magic Epic takes no prisoners.  

  Get ready with Summer now on our Best New Indie Playlist 

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