Emerging Folk – OXLIP, Sunflower Summit, Mighty Brother, HOL

Get lost in the dreamy re-imaginations that makeup Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies, the new collection from OXLIP.  The innovative folk artist is buzzing in lieu of her recent nomination as Artist of the Year from the Canadien Folk Music Awards.  The new album finds her performing some her favorite pseudo folk classics.  Collaborating with producer David James Allen, she offers these vintage classics with modern indie appeal.  There’s evidence of 60s psych pop and laurel canyon classic rock.  There’s a hint of the ethereal spirit that lifts Allison Krauss and the dreamy arrangements known to Fleet Foxes.  Treating this collection of covers especially recalls Pecknold’s White Antelope project.  

  The essence of OXLIP is her soothing whispery spirit.  Your drawn to intoxicating affect of her sacred lullabys, how she delivers them so carefully, as if to calm the temper of a wild stallion.  Its not sedative, but rather rejuvenating.  New standards like Will The Circle Be Unbroken fair well with an indie update.  Allen’s dreamy productions and OXLIP’s soft approach pair elegantly.  The contributions are minimal and thoughtful, as OXLIP’s main vocal is the most immersive quality.  

  The new record comes in advance of a collaboration with Damien Jurado due out later this year.  Critically praised but still falling too fall under the radar, OXLIP is a rare undiscovered gem.  

  The whole collection is beautiful.  Get started with All My Trials now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Sunflower Summit

Sunflower Summit returns with the comprehensive In This Moment.  The extensive 16 song release catalogs the artists prolific musical musings during the pandemic.  From the indie pop stylings of Become Undone to the classic folk elegance of Anxiety, the artist conveys a bevy of feeling and affect using an array of styles. Her extensive compositional moods are lifted by her all female team that includes co-producer Katie Dwyer and mastering specialist Cardinona Espinosa.  Conscious of women’s underrepresentation in the production industry, it was important to the arts to be the change she wants to see in the world.  It’s not a courtesy.  There’s really no better pair to color these beautiful musical offerings.  The trio are meant to work together, and In This Moment has a fluid impression.  

  The work flows with impressive calculation. From atmospheric soundscapes like on How Bright, to the minimalistic candid charm of Storms, to the ethereal It’s A Rainy Day, everything is in its right place.  At the focal point are the artists melodic inclinations and lyrical musings.  There are recurring themes of loneliness and insomnia.  On Tired Soul she explains “Over and over again I am sure how heartbreaking life really is, but I just want a good memory.  I am a skeptic, always have been, and perhaps that’s my trouble. I doubt every good thing instead of accepting perhaps there’s nothing to it.”

  Within this extensive collection there’s evidence of possible influences like Feist, Kate Bush, and Courtney Marie Andrews.  In This Moment constantly flirts between ethereal folk and atmospheric pop.  One truth, is that every song could just as easily be just a singer and guitar.  The production additions give it cinematic lift.  In the spirit of indie folk you are offered a vibe if the song isn’t what you’re looking for.  Sunflower Summit has plenty of both. A solid release from a budding indie folk star. The entire release delivers.  

  Get started with Tired Soul now on our Emerging Folk Playlist. 

Mighty Brother

Find yourself in the sacred folk that is Mighty Brother.  Wade into the sacrificial waters on their new single The Breakers.  Delivered like a Southern spiritual with indie sensibility, this revelation has a special meaning to the songs creator.  Founding member Ari Kirkman explores their lived experience as a non-binary/trans-identifying person confronting questions of gender, love, and authenticity.  Performed affectionately with the joy and intention of someone who’s been spiritually released, Mighty Brother collectively projects The Breakers beautifully.  Wide harmonies and a roaming saxophone color the minimalistic foundation of guitars, bass, and drums.  

  Employing the electric in this slow croon format could draw similarities to Jeff Buckley.  There’s also evidence of recent indie folk icons like Angel Olson and Robin Pecknold, with an aura of the vibe known to the soundtrack from O Brother Where Art Thou.  The Breakers compel you to feel something deep in this musical moment, it’s a song to hold hands and reflect on generations of gender traps with the hope of a new dawn in gender identity.  Lyrically abstract, it leaves room for interpretation to apply to your own experience of awakening.  “Wrest me from the garden, sword at back ablaze, heat was rippling off the pavement came in waves and wave.  Humming Hallelujah.  Naked to my name.  Folding all my temporal parts I am remade.”  

Mighty Brother teamed up with Trans Joy Project to release the collaborative video on June 3rd, during Philadelphia’s treasured Pride Week celebrations.  A popular destination and safe haven for the LGBTQ community, it’s no wonder Mighty Brother calls Philly their second home away from New Orleans.  As a Philly based blog, we’re delighted to have them rep our town with their awe inspiring works. 

Check out the video, and enjoy The Breakers now on our Emerging Folk Playlist 


Bright shimmery guitars introduce 333, the new single from HOL.  The young truth seeker is trying to navigate her world through the complications of growth.  Seeking truth in numbers, 333 is an angel number that symbolises love, life and protection.  We could all use an abundance of all three, and coming into adulthood both financial and emotional security becomes a serious concern.  The elegant concept is lifted by the songs progressive design.  Acoustic up front, 333 evolves into an indie rock masterpiece with layered guitars panned wide for auditory immersion.  There’s a dreamy shoegaze style affect to the first lead electric that kicks in with the full band.  With indie sensibility it connects with buzz artists like Phoebe Bridgers and Girlhouse.  

  The young songwriter Hollie Findlay, who performs as HOL, should be on your UK list of young artists to see live.  333 leaves room to flesh out a proper live jam.  Pairing dreamy guitar work with her sweet angelic voice and strong songwriting skills, HOL could be a force. The final act in 333 recalls acts like Brandi Carlile and Dawes who really push it LIVE.  

  “I can write a thousand songs but none of them would quite explain why.  I pick apart the little things until there’s nothing left that I like.” These brutally honest lyrics don her heart on her sleeve.  The artists not afraid to get her hands dirty and ruffle a few feathers along the way.  Already fighting the disillusion that comes with an artistic journey, Hollie is on a spiritual path full of trial and tribulation.  Just getting started, she’s got a world of heartache to look forward to .  But at the end, the call of the wild will always bring you back, embrace the mystery and live forever in effigy.  Those who don’t can only ponder its beauty.  The musical wilderness that is this wild industry calls you to its altar.  Embark on this Odyssey and never look back.  

  Enjoy 333 now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

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