Re-Imagining Retro – Lexxi Vonne, Pink Fruit, De Antiquis Et Novis, Vroni Magenta

Lexxi Vonne knows what you need.  The infectious snap of her new single 22.22.22 is guaranteed to pull you on the dance floor.  A retro futuristic dance ready hit, these vintage vibes recall classics by Prince and Depeche Mode.  The vibrating synths buzz with personality, as the artist modulates and bends life out of every buzzing lead.  Percussive patches tickles your senses as they bring both melody and texture to the crisp mix. 

This timeless rhythmic design was revived by Synthwave and most recently pierced through on mainstream hits by The Weeknd and Dua Lipa.  With a modern mix Vonne has mainstream potential, as the new single should be adopted by DJ’s everywhere in search of an unfamiliar dance party jam.  

Vonne’s been shattering expectations with a flurry of releases over the last few years.  The musical shapeshifter wears many styles, never resisting her musical urges, bringing various influence and inspiration to every release.  22.22.22 has clear retro appeal and epitomizes the essence of 80s vibes.  

Get down to 22.22.22 now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist.  

Pink Fruit

Pink Fruit is enchanting on her new single Space QT.  The sonic palette sparkles with retro flavor.  There’s also heavy doses of experimental electro pop mixed in.  At times Space QT builds to chaotic sonic crescendos before dropping into catchy dance verses.  It’s a solid combination of EDM aesthetic and 80s pop appeal.  

Pink Fruit brings the experimental vibes of Ruru and Genevieve Artadi into the Synthwave space.  With retrowave appeal there’s also the nostalgic feel known to Bunny X and Primo the Alien.  Pink Fruit shares their undeniable sex appeal and sultry enticing vocal delivery.  

Lyrically Pink Fruit pens a sexually empowered anthem for the women of wave.  Graduating from the subtle Girls Just Want To Have Fun to this new straightforward invitation to frolic.  Admitting that the song is about one final agreed upon fling before dissolving a toxic relationship, it’s the kind of fast shameless pleasure we admire. She’s got the strength to both enjoy herself and move on.  

Dig in to Space QT now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist.  

De Antiquis Et Novis

An expert producer with a vast stylistic reach, De Antiquis Et Novis drops a full dose on the expansive new album Afterglow.  Traveling between cinematic musical worlds and pop ready vocal hits like Bruises, Afterglow shows the breadth of his artistic spectrum.  You can lose yourself to ambient soundscapes like Deep Blue Ocean or groove to retro flavored melodies like Hang on to Your Dreams.  Elements of synthwave and trip-hop collide with jazz in the halls of this producers vibrant musical observatory.  The shades of the tonal palette are consistent, faded hues of blue and pink bring calmness and serenity.  There are opportunities to fill the dance floor, like on the pumping beat of What Do You Do?  Mostly, Afterglow brings contemplative electronic vibes, here to ride you to the end of your sunset drive.  

De Antiquis Et Novis connects with Random Access Memories era Daft Punk and the jazzier synthwave releases by The Midnight.  These chill vibes have mainstream appeal, as anyone can get lost in these soothing grooves.  With synth heavy doses of nostalgia, it should please fans of the rising synthwave movement.  

Enjoy Hang On To Your Dreams now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist. 

Vroni Magenta

Dark gritty synths and haunting vocals define Obsidian Storm, the new EP by Vroni Magenta.  The six song collection reveals a solid mix of synthwave, dark wave, and dark atmospheric pop.  

Vroni Magenta can be eery like on the ethereal Fly Away.  They can bring a catchy dark retro appeal like on Realign.  They can even trend dark electro like on the outro track Byzantium.  

In the spirit of dark wave there’s a nightmarish beauty to their melodic design.  Space age samples and patches sparkle around the droning atmosphere, as Vroni Magenta conceptualizes the infinite.  These musical modes conjure visions of our foundings, the dark controversial realities of antiquity, and the perils of pondering the meaning of existence. 

A genre bending project, the group won’t conform to one specific music credo.  Vroni Magenta is an experience, personified by the artist through their music and shared with the listener.  They reimagine the dark electro leanings of artists like Carpenter Brut and Perturbator with more of an ambient affect.  

Dig in to Realign now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist 

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