Best New Indie – Sweet Giant, boci, Frances Baker, Liloe Rix

We got an advance copy of Til You’re Blue, the new album by London rockers Sweet Giant.  We were grabbed by both the clever songwriting and the albums tonal design.  The pop and spring of these vintage Tele guitar tones are on full display throughout.  Giving way to singer Annie’s sweet vocal affect, in conjunction with these swaggery grooves, Sweet Giant is intoxicating.  On the new EP they bottle up the back room energy of dive rock.  The new peoples movement, these classic vibes are rooted in full group iterations by Neil Young and 70s classic trio Grand Funk. Adding hitmakers Fleetwood Mac and stylistic Mazzy Star as influences, and pulled through the lineage of The Replacements and REM before colliding with the indie of our times, Sweet Giant bring mainstream appeal.  In the vein of modern indie there are subtle hints of Lumineers, Delta Spirit, Courtney Barnett, and the like.  With blue jean aesthetic and effortless execution, Sweet Giant triggers the indie radar. 

  The minimalistic ingredients bring charm on catchy jams like Over To Nowhere and My Bones, as this spring reverb tube toned guitar riffs get under your skin with each undeniable track.  With a smooth touch and captivating voice singer and guitarist Annie has star power.

You can see the universal nod to “pick it up” on the vibin’ Back On Time, as Sweet Giant embraces their sound but never sounds repetitive.  Nurturing this revivalist rock ethos since grade school, the groups founders Annie and Nick have been sculpting their tonal palette in advance of meeting touring drummer Marco to round out this proper trio. Mixed by Callum Barter (Courtney Barnett / Kurt Vile), the real band vibe is fully realized on this impressive four song release.  

  Get hooked with Til You’re Blue now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

boci & Pearl Love

TWIC favorite boci drops another gem Now Is The Time.  The impressive multi-instrumentalist reinforces her penchant for innovative arrangements and dramatic builds.  In the spirit of our new normal boci collaborated over FaceTime with Bristol based songwriter Pearl Love on the songs intricate vocal layers.  Constantly evolving, Now Is The Time is a hypnotic cadence, painting a conceptual aura of the songwriter.  The sonic mosaic of fluttering guitars, modulated synths, droning atmosphere, and trailing vocals swirl like a heavenly dreamscape.  

Impressive in its own right, boci draws you in further with the songs artistic companion video.  Featuring expressive choreography and including both boci and Pearl Love, the music video has noir appeal.  The sharp cinematography accentuates the shadows and light of this haunting wooded landscape.  Co-directed by boci and Alex Wilson of Brass Hand Films, it reminded us of works by Ari Aster and Robert Eggers.  boci is like a playful Wiccan princess, connected to the ancient fabric and this lands natural mysteries, the unassuming power the forest yields and how its founders work in tandem to protect it.  boci is like a siren steward, embracing its song and reimagining it with new indie intellect.  

Now is the Time is the third and final single from her debut album which is set to be released this August.  Check it out now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Frances Baker

Frances Baker dropped an aptly titled new single Soulful Baby, and it’s 3 straight minutes of intoxicating vintage soul sex appeal.  With indie sensibility, it connects with classic revivalist projects by recent icons like the late Amy Winehouse, Leon Bridges, and Rafael Sadiq.  The descending leads that fall away from you between verses stamp Soulful Baby in the height of the 70s soul movement. 

The light guitar strumming beneath is reminiscent of classic Al Green arrangements.  Baker also shares his penchant for interesting songwriting, as Soulful Baby is less cliche and more of a proper continuation of that classic sound.  You’ll get caught in the nostalgia before being entranced by Baker’s smoky rich delivery.  Her voice is unfamiliar, a deep sultry female low tenor that she controls effortlessly.  Its all feeling and emotion, as Soulful Baby feels captured in one genuine moment. 

Baker admits Soulful Baby has bedroom pop appeal, and certainly the artist deserves props as a magical producer.  She captures the essence of the classic sound without sounding cheap.  Combined with the abstract cover art, Frances Baker is like a rare flower, elusive and shrouded in mystery.  Her collective catalog is a stylistic Encyclopedia, as she dips between variations of pop with masterful attention.  The elegant and humble delivery brings imaginative sex appeal, like a hypnotic temptress entrancing you with her exotic songbook.  

Fall for Soulful Baby now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Liloe Rix

On her new single, Liloe Rix wants to remind you to Let Go.  The groovy indie pop hit grabs you with insatiable melodies poured in tandem over a funky chill beat.  A solid song by the budding recording artist, it highlights the artist’s abilities as a producer.  Let Go is a vibe!.  Expertly mixed, the warmth of the bass has both the boom and pop to coast above the mix while not overpowering all of the bright lead elements.  A dreamy atmosphere of synths, guitars, and backing voices glue the song together.  Let Go is a feel good dance ready moment, and a timely summer hit from the Amsterdam based songwriter.  The sonic design recalls recent indie pop hits from Chiild, Biig Piig, and Holly Humberstone.  

  True to herself, the self prescribed optimist injects joy into the new indie sound of our times.  A guitarist first, she litters juicy leads in the spirit of Tash Sultana throughout the track.  An immersive auditory dream world, the cascading production swirls around you, with Liloe’s sweet vocal, drums, and bass serving as the central foundation beneath the moving parts.  

  For the artist, Let Go touches on sensitive personal themes of anxiety.  To be included on her upcoming album “Imperfections,” it serves as our first introduction to a collection of songs by the artist that disclose personal revelations magnified through recent hardships. The trials of the pandemic and the perils of lockdown brought these musical gems to the surface, another thread of silver lining, and a chance for Rix to heal.

  Get ready to Let Go now on our Best New Indie Playlist

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