Retro Pop Revival – Celestial North, LAWRN, ReHumanise, SBR bone and star

“My obscure design, be still in this night, don’t be frightened by the flames.”

Celestial North is enchanting on her new single The Nature Of Light.  The aforementioned phrase is an apt description of her vibe, the curious beauty of her music’s abstract design.  Though melodically accessible, with sweet vocals that soothe the swirling chaotic musical worlds, the aura of Celestial North is beautifully complicated.  Fluttering synths spiral in and out of puzzled verses with progressive intent.  Her acquired musical dimension is otherworldly, full of mystery and cosmic appeal.  

The writing at its core embellishes the pagan folk ancestry of her Scottish roots.  It’s most notable through her vocal delivery in the ethereal verse sections, as she also brings a contrasting creepy vibe known to experimental artists like Bjork.  She dresses her writing with modern sensibility, reimagining the musical design with an updated electro palette.  The result is epic.  

“If it takes you far from here your beauty survives.”  Abundant lyrical gems ironically illuminate her stylistic aura.  There’s an undeniable beauty to this curious design.  With a nostalgic presence it connects with works by Kate Bush.  There’s also evidence of the otherworldly pop-gaze of acts like Sound of Ceres, and the dark pop intellect of synthwave heiress Megan McDuffee.  

  Absorb The Nature Of Light now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist 


LAWRN is infectious on the emotive Best Friend.  Dripping with classic nostalgia and dipped in the tonal intellect of modern pop, you’re drawn in with the building intro.  The journey of Best Friend is equal parts musical soundscape and lyrical poetry.  

Lyrically they paint a relatable story with poetic imagery.  It’s a beautiful interpretation of our modern experience with a classic sensibility.  It’s a story of young love and the trials of growing apart through the pursuit of new experiences.  You’ll never love another like that first one.  The peril is that if you resign to your first love, you risk a monotonous mundane life.  From the new generation and going back about 40 years, this fear of missing out has re-written societies expectations on marriage and the transition to adulthood.  The existential problem is if it doesn’t work out, you’ll always look back wondering what could have been. 

So take me back to LA, where everything was the same. Take me back to when we were still in love and you were with me everyday”

Best Friend is trademark synthwave with mainstream potential.  There’s a subtle melancholy vibe, an alternative to supercharged pop hits from The Weeknd and Dua Lipa.  The chill vibe fits in well with Synthwave icons like The Midnight and Kacy Hill. 

Best Friend brings heavy emotion.  It’s meant to help you feel something, to conjure the process of healing deep feelings of confusion and regret.  It’s also a straight up vibe, with soft synths and a big gated snare to flash export that nostalgic moment we crave. 

  Find yourself in Best Friend now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist.  


ReHumanise is epic on the anthemic Elemental.  Beneath the retro ‘synth to the front’ sonic design is a passionate vocal performance by the groups founder Damian Brady.  The tonal arrangement recalls works by 80s icons like Depeche Mode and Duran Duran, but the songwriting has a dark edge known to post punk.  Also citing The Smiths and Radiohead as influences, Brady shares their melodic palette, with hues of grays and blues where the pink pop could’ve been.  The vibe is inspiring.  It’s not a description we throw around lightly.  Scan our recorded history and you might not find its utilization at all. 
Elemental is fit for your imaginative montage, to grab you up out of your daily doldrum and call you to live a little.  The aptly named ReHumanise injects passion and truth back into the foundation of retro pop.  So often hooked on nostalgia, the cheap thrill of a gated snare doesn’t always incur retrofuturism.  It’s how all the parts are married together, the synthesis of song and feeling. 

The 80s were conflicted by a combination of chemical indulgence and material intellect, the advent of technology and the existential crisis of excess.  Elemental is a proper continuation, a proper jam for retrowave lovers looking to stay within the frame while keeping it original.  ReHumanise connects well with fellow synthwave underground acts like Retroglyphs and Trevor Something, while also connecting with crossover dark pop acts like Korine.  Get acquainted with Elemental now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist

SBR bone and star

The experimental electro pop of SBR bone and star delivers with the new EP Tidal.  The project covers a lot in a tight package, with 5 songs that scan the realms of retro and dark pop.  Fans of the 80s pop revival movement should be grabbed by the first track Ride.  SBR bone and star captures the spirit of late 80s Madonna and Eurythmics.    Ride is a vibe. 

Openly embracing influences such as Prince and Annie Lennox, the artist celebrates her love of 80s pop.  She brings something different to the synthwave revival, with vocal first pop representations that feel like they’re cut right out of 1989. 

It starts with the synth bass and the layered percussion layers of electronic drums and samples.  The production palette has the classic 80s appeal, but its her trademark voice that seals the deal.  Alternating between relaxed verses and passionate chorus sections, she dresses her leads with harmonies and backing vocals that scream with classic nostalgia.  This intelligent design displays impressive attention to detail as both an artist and a student of the era. She’s got the proper vocal chops to polish her stylistic shine.  

As the EP progresses SBR bone and star shows an additional indie sensibility, with flashes of indie pop and alternative R&B peaking through.   She brings an additional conceptual element, tapping into the underworld of vampire movie culture.  With neon horror sex appeal and intoxicating dance ready jams, SBR bone and star looks to satisfy your thirst for retro horror pop. 

Feast on Ride now on our Best New Synthwave Playlist.

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