Best New Rock – Foreign Television, Femegades, The Cancellations, Pirates of Radio

We got caught in the infectious vibe of Vending Machine, the new single from Foreign Television.  You’re initially caught by the raw revolving riffage and unfiltered playing.  The singer interrupts the chaotic calculated slashing patiently, presenting abstract lyrical snapshots of his buried unconscious “Clanging dull metal gates –  Been caught running – twenty seven seconds late.”  Then you’re grabbed by the eruption of the songs pivotal hook, from there he never puts you down.  The yearning vocal has all the passion and youth that made emo timeless.  The songwriter brings an additional element of surprise in the unsuspecting chord movements, as the song rushes into endless fleeting moments.  “Always – leaving soon – said the same thing too – probably just a phase

  Foreign Television is convincing.  The anthemic chorus cuts into your heart strings.  This is the indie rock that finds its roots in 90s emo and post punk.  In that way Foreign Television would fit in well with bands like Citizen, Balance and Composure, and Turnover.  They could also crossover into the broader indie rock space.   In the vein of indie acts like Car Seat Headrest the guitar work is crazy impressive, with frantic bends and wild vibrato.  There’s evidence of Built To Spill and early Jimmy Eat World in the songs chord design and how the vocal melody soars on top.  The overall affect is more modern indie, pulled away from punk with thrashing drums in the vein of the late Taylor Hawkins (he would’ve loved this).  Deep dives like Doves and Hey Mercedes scratched the surface of this sound, but Foreign Television is carving out something new. 

  Check out Vending Machine now on our Best New Rock Playlist.


UK rockers Femegades bring raw power on their new single Be Alone.  The second single from Femegades forthcoming EP ‘Not All Men’, the song tells a story through the eyes of a surrogate mother. It shines a light on the dangers of exploitation and the potential for regret and damage in an unregulated industry.  Its important in these difficult times to have songs that reflect our history.  Femegades offers an anthem for Women everywhere.  Delivered with in your face rock and roll appeal, it magnifies the passion and anger growing in the fight for Women’s equality.  

  With 90s alternative sensibility Femegades could draw comparisons to Hole and Garbage.  The dirty guitars and upbeat backbeat bring indie sensibility, with a hint of the garage appeal known to modern icons like The Black Keys and The White Stripes.  The female lead is infectious, angry but undeniably sultry. Her strong vocal delivery is empowering, relative to Grace Potter’s more rocking catalog.  

  Be Alone is a catchy jam in its own right, but the powerful lyrical message bring an additional presence.  We love to see bands embrace their platforms for change.  Destined to inspire new Women in Rock, the Riot Girl movement has a powerful ally in Femegades.  

  Enjoy Be Alone now on our Best New Rock Playlist.  

The Cancellations

Nashville rockers The Cancellations make a big statement with their new album Pity Parade.  The eclectic 13 song release navigates a plethora of indie styles, but the collection always makes sense.  You can connect a stream of possible indie influences tweaked into their own signature sound.  There’s evidence of Kings of Leon on Born To Break My Heart.  Similarities to Dr Dog on Beauty Queen.  Hints of The Strokes on Whatever You Want.  They grace the raw appeal of Queens of the Stone Age on Party Girl. The mid album gut check  Standing On Your Own is like Neil Diamond reimagined as synthwave.  Altogether it’s a testament to their wide net of influences. 

  Students of Rock. they know how to throw down. They make sense on the festival circuit as well as a pick me up at your local dive.  They can be huge or the garage band of your dreams.  The vocals are front and center, often dry and left raw and real.  It’s a combination of authenticity and their ability to devise a proper arrangement.  There’s a lot of dirty grit typical to guitars, but The Cancellations also slightly distort the vocals and keyboards in tandem.  

  The Cancellations bring a colorful sonic presence.  They know how to dress these songs with tasty leads and vibrant textures.  It’s all to accentuate the sincere lyrical poetry that’s featured in abundance.  Singer Elijah Jones leaves a lot of himself in these songs.  The modern troubadour has been shifting through line ups in search of the perfect combo.   Always searching, he reveals a bit of himself in the lyric “Answers only leave to questions in my mind.”  The modern industry only serves to satisfy a relentless heart.  Pity Parade never lets you off the hook.  Its the kind of collection that will evolve with every listen.  Your favorite cut today will be replaced by another track on the album tomorrow, its the testament of a great record, and another reason Pity Parade should make a big splash.  

  Put them on your radar, get started with Beauty Queen now on our Best New Rock Playlist.

Pirates of Radio

Global experimental rock collective Pirates of Radio recently dropped their debut full length When Stars Collide.  The remote creative collaboration has yielded impressive results.  A culmination of influence and geographical inspiration come together seemlessly on the new collection.  Pirates of Radio are carving out their own sound.  There’s evidence of 90s alternative mixed with with epic anthemic 80s era under layers.  The retro rock appeal is on full display with the single Parasite.  

  Songs like Something / Nothing could draw similarities to Incubus or even A Perfect Circle.  Pirates of Radio are beautifully melodic while also leaning dark in their chord choices.  The guitars tend to manage the structure while synths and guitar effects lay an atmosphere underneath.  The dreamy dark aura brings a modern touch to their classic alternative sensibilities.  

  There’s also evidence of electro and industrial on tracks like Prey.  The diverse production palette is at the root of their experimental ethos.  The members have never been in a room together, and they don’t set creative constraints.  It works because they have a lot in common, they love infectious melodies and captivating sound designs.  They also bring a collective pro execution to every release.  

  The entire album is impressive.  Get started with Something / Nothing now on our Best New Rock Playlist.  


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