Best New Rock – The Fin, Scarlet Joy, Canary, El Peyote

Glasgow based rockers The Fin erupt with their debut single Is there any space on the moon?

The in your face energetic performance is full of youthful angst and joyful intent, as the style trends between the worlds of power pop and rock with an indie sensibility.  An emphatic classic Brit-Rock vocal brings the charm of Brit-Pop, but there’s more art rock swagger to this melodic design.  It’s draws cues from hits from The Strokes. Franz Ferdinand, and The Killers.  The street wise urban spirit of the vocal recalls recent breakout Sam Fender.  Paired with The Fin’s impressive musicianship, the new single brings a unique spin to the world of pop rock.  It’s a testament to their diverse influencers, which include flex master Vulfpeck and songwriting icon Billy Joel.  

  Students of style, The Fin inject infectious leads lost on modern rock.  There’s some tasty guitar playing throughout, suggesting an opportunity to flesh these jams out in concert.  The group is tight and the execution on the recording projects a live in studio feel.  The Fin never relents, from the introductory pumping bass and driving drums through the songs intense outro, the energy level stays elevated. A solid debut from a promising new group, we’re exciting to see how their sound evolves from here. 

Enjoy Is there any space on the moon now on our Best New Rock Playlist

Scarlet Joy

Scarlet Joy is convincing on the energetic Rescue.  In essence the song is explosive steady paced melodic grunge, with the singers trademark soaring vocals demanding the listeners attention.  She’s got the range, magnitude, and star power of vocalists like Florence Welch mixed with the harder aesthetic of artists like PJ Harvey and Courtney Love.  

The songs intense infectious nature is enough to grab you in it’s own right, but we were also smitten by the accompanying music video.  

There’s something charming about seeing a band in their natural element.  It also communicates the bands impressive ability to draw a dynamic rich sound as a trio.  It’s a testament to the rich full guitar chords, thrashing drums, and bright bass textures over dynamic lines.   Rescue is a solid arrangement and a true full band effort.  Scarlet Joy is a bright light in the fading history of Alternative Rock.  Along with other female lead acts like TASH, Flavus Nova, and MARBLE, Women who rock are leading the alternative rock revival.  

Rock out to Rescue now on our Best New Rock Playlist 


Nashville based rockers Canary bring a passionate slow burn with their new single I Used To Write You Love Songs.  The patient cruise of the backbeat paired with singer Kat Leverenz and her serene affect brings melancholy bliss.  On the outset it recalls slower offerings from recent The War On Drugs and Feist.  But the soft mirage gives way to an explosive eruption of distorted guitars and smashing drums.  In the vein of 90s alternative acts like STP,  the bands sways between clean and distorted, but with an indie sensibility known to The Districts and Phoebe Bridgers.  The heavier sections bring a hint of grunge and shoegaze.  Kat’s crisp clear vocal brings modern contrast.  Dramatic and uplifting, it also recalls epic post rock vibes known to Snow Patrol and Keane.  

I Used To Write You Love Songs is contemplative and intellectual.  Guitarist Zach Dennis is tasteful with soaring leads that drip with feel.  Between the guitar work and Kat’s impressive vocal talents, the new single pulls you to want to experience these heavy epic vibes live.  In the spirit of shoegaze, these heavy vibes are best presented LOUD.  The intense design is guaranteed to offer an immersive experience.  

Check out I Used To Write You Love Songs now on our Best New Rock Playlist 

El Peyote

Recorded in “The Shred Shack” on a farm in Dorset South England, Joe Yapp created the fiery self titled 7 track album El Peyote.  An existential spirit and veteran traveler, Yapp navigated difficult landscapes like the Australian Outback and Mexico’s Sonoran Desert in search of spiritual truth.  El Peyote is evidence of the collateral inspiration, as these unfiltered jams thrash with reckless abandon of a free fledging spirit.  Bypassing the lure of vocals in exchange for a guitar and bass love fest, its fully realized on quick flings like the explosive Hyperdrive, where a menacing revolving lead collides into a crisp bass before divulging into an entirely new section.  These monster riffs have classic charm, pulled from the annals of Tony Iommi and embraced by stoner rockers ever since.  

The stars engulf the desert sky as the conceptual Spiritual Awakening offers reflective pause.  As the song builds, so does the excitement about Yapp’s discoveries.  His weathered soles would be the envy of many.  They crunch beneath the desolate sand on the intro of Celestial Illusions.  A complete concept, the album cover featuring Yapp in the desert observing psychedelic planets  The cover is like a native guide to walk you through the musics desired intention.  El Peyote is a fitting soundtrack to guide you on your own pschedelic trip.  Performed live, you imaging the audience would be engulfed in smoky haze as imaginary celestial illusions grace the backdrop behind the band.  

El Peyote prefers you head over to his band camp and while your there throw him some coin to encourage another release.  Check out El Peyote


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