Best New Indie – Hannah Robinson, Double Comfort Safari, Temperature Falls, Rob Lea

Get drawn into the hypnotic appeal of Nineteen, the new single from Hannah Robinson.  The dynamic arrangement alternates between parallel stylistic dimensions.  Robinson embraces the cannons of indie rock and electro pop elegantly.  She marries these auras with borderline progressive precision.  With calculated attention, it always feels right.  The various sections evolve and adapt in tandem with her emotional swings.  Conceptually it connects with the songs origins.  At nineteen your personality evolves and whiplashes with every polar moment.  There’s an element of fear mixed into the fiery excitement that growing out of childhood offers.  Robinson navigates these transitions and the trials that accompany them in the songs lyrical framework.  “Where are you going you feel far from home.  Do you want to build this life all on your own?  Don’t hold back, keep pushing on.”

  Stylistically there’s melodic evidence of post punk vibes known to The Smiths and The Cure, as well as modern indie offerings from Sharon Van Etten and Warpaint.  Nineteen is epic.  The drum performance is phenomenal, and the guitar work throughout is equally enticing.  There’s a dark underlayer, a gothic melodic presence pulled into the pop world.  Melancholy dream pop dressed with quiet fire, like the person herself.  Robinson has star power and undeniable sex appeal.  She’s prone to set the world of Rock ablaze. 

Enjoy Nineteen now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Double Comfort Safari

Double Comfort Safari is dreamy on the vibey new single Mountains. A modern sensibility is lifted by subtle retro pop vibes.  They peak through in the percussive samples and instrumentation, as every texture adds to the songs rhythmic appeal.  Ethereal otherworldly voices contribute to the trippy atmosphere.  The elegant production design suits the artists melodic leanings.  Chill pop with a hint of R&B, the artist is full of swagger and urban appeal.  Cool and calming in their delivery, we drew some vocal similarities to the classic indie of The Whitest Boy Alive, Beirut, and Rhye.  It’s a testament to the artists ability to create a wide sonic spectrum without devolving to inaudible layers.  Every contribution to Mountains has character and proper spacing.  

Lyrically Mountains captures the magic that a natural oasis offers.  The artist admits the song “was written after returning back to the city after spending some time hiking the mountains”. With South African roots, its unsurprising that Double Comfort Safari brings an exotic tweak with a hint of island bred pop.  These Mountains were drawn from the ancient wells of our first ancestors, with rhythmic instincts known to our inherited universal dance.  Combined with a flavor of indie pop in the spirit of Dayglow, Double Comfort Safari is buzzworthy indie pop. 

Enjoy Mountains now on our Best New Indie Playlist 

Temperature Falls

Temperature Falls continues to evolve with their masterful single Please Don’t Go.  The collaboration of vocalist and lyrist Camilla and multi-instrumentalist Ian J. Ward continues to bear sweet fruits.  There is a calculated care and sincerity in their work, and a dedication to keeping their projects original.  There seems to be no boundary to their creative exploits, though they trend within a stylistic range of retro pop. The new single hooks you when the verse section drops. The intriguing tempo design recalls classic 80s soul hits by Sade.  With progressive revolutions there’s also evidence of the experimental retro pop of Kate Bush.  The new single is paired with a cinematic music video that had us saying WOW!

Camilla’s sultry siren abilities are undeniable.  Her voice is full of mystery and depth.  Her aura is elite, exclusive, as if she knows the power of her appeal and how to control nations with it.  A dark pop Queen, Ward knows she deserves a proper evolving sonic atmosphere.  He creates elaborate sonic worlds that move like a living organism around her vocal cues.  

Beneath the sonic beauty Camilla has penned a heartfelt letter with mixed intention.  On one end it laments her lovers dissent as she shares “you used to look at me like I was the only one.”  She also tries to show some credibility, for better or worse.  But the way she changes her voice, how she becomes more candid, suggests she feels obligated to say “You know that I’m fucking crazy sometimes, but please don’t go.”  For us we were reminded how Daenerys Targaryen felt obligated to show humility to Jon Snow because she felt forced to.  Woman as Queen needs no explanation. 

Lose yourself to Please Don’t Go now on our Best New Indie Playlist 

Rob Lea

Rob Lea pens a seasonal hit with his new single Summer In the Morning.  A feel good festive classic, you’ll be hooked with the songs infectious falsetto funky chorus.  You can trace these fresh vibes back to the sexy soul of Marvin Gaye up through evolutions by Raphael Saadiq and Pharrell.  Adding a subtle indie pop sensibility in the vein of Foster The People with a hint of mainstream a la Bruno Mars, Summer In The Morning is radio ready. 

A sonic mix lifts this pro performance to international appeal.  Rob is no stranger to industry success.  After reaching runner up in ITV’s Startstruck, Rob has sold out shows across the UK & Europe whilst composing a catalogue of Pop paragons.  He’s got some major gigs lined up for this Winter, performing at the O2 Academy venues in Bristol and Bournemouth.  Summer In the Morning is guaranteed to warm up a wintery crowd, but it’s tailor made for your summer beach playlist.  

Enjoy Summer In The Morning now on our Best New Indie Playlist.


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