Undiscovered Gems – A.B. Violet, HOAX, Seven Layer Piano Cakes

A.B. VIOLET is entrancing with her new single Cold, Cold Heart.  A sneaky “intermission” offering might be the clever vibe that breaks her.  The hypnotic ethereal vocals embrace the contrast of an experimental rhythmic design.  Together the affect is equally energizing and intoxicating. 

Cold, Cold Heart pulls you in to it’s interpretive fever.  The artists impressive vocal talents offer widespread appeal.  Her voice is rich with depth and smoky affect.  In a world overrun with sopranos she brings superior bass and tenor sex appeal.  Singing with soul and drawing from the bellow of her core, A.B. Violet is head turning.  Her voice is multi-dimensional and can turn any composition majestic.  It’s the same sensibility that draws fans to artists like Lana Del Rey and Tracy Chapman.  Pulled into this electronic space,  and with indie pop and trip hop appeal;  A.B. Violet conjures heavy comparisons to Polica, Christine and The Queens,  and Charlotte Day Wilson.  She also fits in well with emerging songwriters like Natalie McCool. 

Both a producer and an artist, A.B. Violet is an exciting emerging talent in the world of indie pop.  Swaying between the worlds of retro and trip hop with dreamy affect, she casts a wide stylistic net 

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To say HOAX is prolific is an understatement.  The eclectic duo has developed a vibrant catalog of HITS, most of which are included on their massive new album: b?

As far as full album releases go, this may be the under the radar album of the moment.  Rapidly growing in popularity, we think it’s just a matter of time before HOAX is a household name.

  Whether it be the fresh indie pop vibe of their single 5 or the psychedelic design of Wasting Time, HOAX will catch you in their dynamic wordplay and catchy urban pop appeal.  They navigate between the undeniable but still experimental charm of early MGMT and the blatantly pop design of The 1975.  Altogether it’s a heavy reflection on the progression of indie over their last 20 years, with their own character and personal touch injected into every consecutive piece. 

In the spirit of Indies evolution and how it carved itself in the forefront of our stylistic genre preference,  HOAX boasts an array of influences that include modern icons and historical truths. They admit that their inspirational toolbag bears a combination of 60’s pop, 70’s Motown, and alternative R&B.  It’s as if Frank Ocean produced mid career Stevie Wonder and Tame Impala was the backing band.  Need we say more?  They know how to write good catchy melodies and with their production they dress to impress.  It’s not a HOAX, it’s the truth.  

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Seven Layer Piano Cakes

Seven Layer Piano Cakes takes us on a retro cinematic journey with their new single Nebula Eyes.  The artist embraces their music’s montage appeal, and the song evolves to an emphatic climax in it’s outro section.  It’s attributed to the song’s concept as well a tribute to the artists diverse set of influences. 

The artist parades their love for Beach House, Depeche Mode, and even ABBA.  A little of all of it sneaks into the sonic appeal of Nebula eyesSeven Layer Piano Cakes brings a synth heavy pop release where the vocals are still presented in the front.  Dreamy appregiating synths churn beneath the emotive chorus sections.  Initially dark in the spirit of classic post punk alternative, the compositional aura turns pop in the songs closing section. 

The artist offers that “Nebula Eyes” is a psychedelic single about surfing (or anything else that resembles a trip).”  In the spirit of wave it immediately thrusts you into a retro based dream world, and with the mid song evolution the auditory trip comes full circle.  It’s an exhilarating pivot that showcases the artist’s progressive spirit, and an exciting detail that should enhance the immersive experience of their live performance.  Considering the artist already embraces the trippy affect that their music brings, and with proficient musicianship, we see huge potential for an intense live presentation.  

Seven Layer Piano Cakes would immediately please fans of synthwave, and connects with artists like FM-84 and September 87.

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