Best New Indie Pop – Alisa Xayalith, Late Hala, Doc Rhombus

Alisa Xayalith is infectious on her new single I’ll Be There.  Wonderfully produced, the cosmic mix is bright and snappy.   An insanely catchy hook is lifted by a psych pop sonic design.  Alisa’s star power is on full display within the songs accompanying music video.  Full of energy and youth, Alisa embodies her music’s conceptual vibe.  Well known as the front woman from Naked & Famous, Alisa is claiming her own lot in the world of indie pop with this captivating release. 

The pseudo pop palette brings modern sensibility.  It’s got all the color and crisp textures known to psych pop elites like Tame Impala and Sports, but with a strong indie pop style lead vocal in the spirit of Bridgers and Holly Humberstone.  I’ll Be There connects with the sound on the moment, and Alisa appears to be on the fast track to fresh finds up through the affirmation of NPR’s elites.  

Hear I’ll Be There now on our Best New Indie Playlist 

Late Hala

Late Hala is refreshingly honest with their new single Never Had A Good Dream.  The pensive intro grabs you with lyrical intent before revealing an infectious full band drop.  Delectable layers include an entrancing female support vocal and a fire bass line full of movement and variation to push the song forward.  The main vocal remains crystal clear as dreamy under layers swirl beneath.  Sentiments of Brit Pop can be heard in the writing, and Late Hala would have fit in on 90s label Astrel Works alongside indie icons Doves.  We also heard similarities to bands like Spoon and Phosphorescent who elegantly marry the worlds of pop and indie rock.  

The London based artist teamed up with producer John Victor of English band Gengahr to bring the new single to life.  Together they capture a big sound, filled with depth and melodic character.  In the spirit of 90s Radiohead there are tasty sonic treats throughout, as Late Hala aims to tickle your auditory headspace.  Grab your headphone to take in the full immersive quality.  

Dig into Never Had A Good Dream now on our Best New Indie Playlist 

Doc Rhombus

Get lost in the dreamy soundscapes designed by illustrious producer and artist DOC RHOMBUS.  Their new album Retroactions is a prolific offering of classic inspiration reimagined with indie affect.  The sentiment is on full display on the opening All My Friends.  It’s as if Todd Rudgren were produced by Tame Impala. 

Not to be redundant, the cinematic wave influences are more prevalent on the subsequent I’m Afraid.  It’s just a preview of the eclectic offerings mixed in throughout.  Dangerous Mood is injected with heavy dance pop vibes in the spirit of Dayglo and dare we say Daft Punk.  Whether it be the dreamy aura of Treading Water or the post punk groove of Fake My Way, DOC RHOMBUS is relentless in their stylistic exploration.  They connect the dots with a consistent tonal palette, a testament to the care they put into the mix and master.  

The artist shows an impressive attention to their craft.  Retroactions is a beautifully calculated effort and an impressive venture for an indie artist.  Their second full length in the last two years, the intent and effort are clear.  

The whole album slaps.  Whether it’s the tasty falsetto in Alive Now or the cosmic backbeat of Hypnotized, the artist drips catchy treats throughout.  We see a heavy comparison to Beck in both his ability to be widely eclectic and insatiably catchy.  Doc Rhombus should also connect to fans of eclectic electronic pop acts like Daft Punk and Gorillaz.  There are also heavy wave era vibes sprinkled throughout in the spirit of New Order and Pet Shop Boys.  There’s truly something for everyone mixed in to Retroactions. 

Dig into the whole record, get started with All My Friends now on our Best New Indie Playlist

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