Best New Indie – Eugenia Post Meridiem, Josephine Odhil, Alba James

Eugenia Post Meridiem brings unique strange beauty with their new single willpower.  Art pop with mainstream potential, they present an intense arrangement that reimagines the use of brass in indie pop.  A solid composition in its own right, we were overwhelmingly drawn to the singers unique draw and rare vocal talents.  It’s somewhere between Bjork, Sinead O’Connor, and Dolores O’Riordan.  She’s more of a tenor and she often presents a husky bellow in the vein of Bjork and O’Connor, a testament to her angst and raw appeal.  Like O’Riordon she takes melodic jumps with quiver and crack that lends to the collective musicality of the composition.  She’s also undeniably charming, and the entire band’s quirky fun attraction speaks volumes on the companion music video.  

willpower should please fans of catchy melodic art pop acts like Dirty Projectors, Rubblebucket, and Ra Ra Riot. A rare Portuguese delight in the world of indie, Eugenia Post Meridiem has us captivated.  

Hear willpower now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Josephine Odhil

Josephine Odhil caught our attention with their new single Familiars.  Infectious psych pop vibes are lifted by a groovy tempo palette.  The melodic design is exotic and entrancing.  Otherworldly cosmic samples enhance the immersive qualities, Familiars is the proper companion for your next hazy chemical induced soundtrack.  

Formerly of The Mysterons, Josephine brings star power to her new surrealistic dream pop solo project.  Conceptually beautiful, her cover art matches the artistic supremacy of her dynamic releases.  With four releases she’s just scratching the surface of her creative exploits.  She definitely has our attention.  We expect obvious comparisons to Tame Impala and Sports, combined with the indie sensibility of indie pop artists like Remi Wolf and the dreamy aura known to Beach House.  

Hear Familiars now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Alba James

Alba James is haunting and beautiful on Bedroom Walls.  The 6 song EP includes previously released singles like Walls as well as new tracks.  At the root of the sonic design is Alba’s haunting voice and strummed Ukulele.  That’s all thats needed, and all that’s wanted on the introductory Pass.  Occasionally she dresses her works in orchestrated arrangements filled with strings and choir vocals.  The arrangements are dreamy and inventive.  

On the outset Alba James presents like an indie folk Billie Eilish, but her full musical aura is even more elusive and mysterious.  Equally melancholy but offering more complex treatments of musicality, it’s as if Eilish was produced by Robin Pecknold and backed by Fleet Foxes.  Works like Lighter than Snow and That Special Place are progressive and entrancing.  She capstones the EP with the catchy inspired Tired.  Alba knows how to write a proper hook in dress it with an indie folk design.

Alba James embodies a feeling and captures it efficiently.  The vocal quiver and hush delivery suggest an innate fear that anchors her writing.  There’s no doubt that she’s sharing a lot of herself in her works. It’s a sacrifice that is not lost on us, and for that we are grateful. This work is needed. With inherited ability and natural talent, she has our full attention as a budding star in the world of indie folk.  

Hear Tired now on our Best New Indie Playlist 

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