Undiscovered Gems – SubLuminal, Bryan Dubay, Robert Church & The Holy Community

A rare cinematic treasure revealed itself in the haunting and provocative new track from SubLuminal.  Simply put it, Kyiv Playground is mesmerizing.  The vibrant imagery is captivating.  From the opening samples of young voices chirping in a playground setting, to the emphatic climax, Kyiv Playground builds to a climactic emotional swell. 

There’s an uplifting underlayer to its sonic presence.  The feeling of hope translated to this musical composition.  It’s here to say “we see you, we love you, and we will repair.”  The screeching halt of an incoming train is heard in the closing movement, as refugees are whisked to some foreign land in an effort to avoid the destruction. 

A Mother sings in their native tongue, a song that suggests both loss and victory, as their hearts will not be defeated.  She knows her children will flee the chaos only to return when the last blood has been drawn.  To rebuild and replenish what was unethically broken.  Their joyous voices will be heard again in Mother Ukraine.  

Slava Ukraini

Bryan Dubay caught our attention with their new single Lost.  The single is included on Brian’s new 4 song EP Detritus

A solid mix of post punk and indie rock, Lost is a hefty layered arrangment suggesting a vast array of influences.  The jangly guitars collide into a dance ready beat.  With soothing stacked harmonies over an impassioned lead, it’s as if the Smiths or REM were treated with a vocal arrangement known to indie folk acts like Fleet Foxes.  

Lost also has a psych pop appeal known to Tame Impala with subtle surf reflections known to The Thrills.  We just find it collectively juicy, with a sharp mix to tickle your auditory senses. 

The Buffalo buzz artist is worth the hype.  The meticulous songwriter has been writing and then re-sculpting his work in tandem for the last decade.  He’s carving out his own stylistic space in the world of indie, with a lot of semblances to beloved acts heard within his writing and production.  He has an innate understanding of what his music offers and how he wants to present it.  Bryan Dubay is a dangerous man, and he’s on our radar as a rising star flying way too far under the radar.

Robert Church & The Holy Community

Robert Church and the Holy Community make catchy, charming lo-fi music.  Their new single Catch You On the Rebound is the second offering to grab our attention.  Intelligent songwriting dipped in hazy nostalgia aims to captivate a vibe.  We dig the lo-fi appeal but this song could have been presented crisp and it would have hit just as well.  

The vibe comes full circle with a proper companion video that is just as charming and mysterious as the music itself.  With subtle performance shots cut within a montage of psychedelic landscapes and dance shots, the video adds a human element to The Holy Community’s otherworldly design. 

Fans of early War on Drugs and Sandy (Alex G) would relish in this marriage of melody and aesthetic.  Slightly weird but undeniably catchy, Robert Church and The Holy Community has crossover potential in the world of indie.  Somewhere between the retro worlds of wave and psych pop, they deserve to cut through the cliches of convention with songs and arrangements this good. 

SubLuminal , Bryan Dubay, and Robert Church are all featured on our Best New Indie Playlist alongside our other recent favorite indie discoveries!

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