Emerging Folk – Veronica Stanton, Annega, T.I.G.Y., Le Jank

 Veronica Stanton is infectious on her new single I’m No Good.  The sneaky sultry songstress is charming and subtly seductive in her vocal delivery.  It’s a function of her trademark vibrato as her voice quivers with suspected desire and romantic desperation.  She plays to the lyrical narrative with an impassioned performance ripe with authenticity. 

Her vocal abilities are enough to raise a dusty Nashville bar scene to its feet, but the musicians backing her up are no slouches either.  A beautiful arrangement and the bands human touch give I’m No Good a lively spirit.  Classic support vocals and swirling strings bring vintage nostalgia.  Stanton pulls from the top shelf of her production palette, and offers a proper single that should please both the Alt Country Indie circuit and a contemporary Country audience alike. 

Songs this good don’t always stay delegated to Nashville.  She’s got mainstream potential in the spirit of Brandi Carlile and Kacey Musgraves.  You can trace Stanton’s lineage to the legacy of Dolly Parton and her undeniable angelic vocal presence.  It’s a rare inherited talent of a presumptively blessed performer, the chosen one, the girl with the voice of gold. 

Hear I’m No Good now on our Emerging Folk Playlist


ANNEGA caught our attention with this impassioned cover of When The Party’s Over.  A new classic, the Billie Eilish gem is melodically beautiful and untraditional enough to crossover.  Annega and band tweak it with a beautiful arrangement in the style of the Mauritian tradition.  The Ravaan drum lifts the dramatic appeal of the lyrical narrative, providing an additional cinematic intensity not heard in the original. 

The arrangement bypasses the lure of electronic percussion in exchange for a traditional touch of acoustic instrumention.  It suits the singers natural ability, as she executes impressive control over her expressive voice.  Floating over a male support vocal, he brings depth and a bassy underlayer.  The overall presentation and rich and slightly airy.  It suits the melodic breaths known to the composition, as the vocals are spaced between extended breaks uncommon to conventional arrangements in this style.  It’s one of the details that made the original special, and it’s given new life here on this fitting live performance tribute. 


T.I.G.Y. teams up with B. Weaver for an acoustic interpretation of Someone Great by LCD Soundsystem.  The result is simply astounding and melodically beautiful.  The electro pop gem is transformed into a dreamy indie folk serenade.  T.I.G.Y. and B. Weaver brings vintage folk charm with an updated indie sensibility.  The cosmic under layer of a drenched lap steel swirls beneath the composition and creates an ethereal atmosphere.  The voices plot patiently on top.  Performed in this manner, Someone Great has the melodic charm of Garden State era acoustic Shins.  As a composition it’s simple and genuine in the spirit of Daniel Johnston, but offered with in a more polished manner by the impressive collaborators. 

Beautiful guitar work is highlighted by impressively calculated picking.  With just an acoustic they navigate the songs melodic framework, offering harmonious character in absence of the soaring synths known to the original.  It’s a beautiful tribute to a treasured indie pop classic from modern cult heroes. 

T.I.G.Y. is currently on tour with Nerina Pallot, with a string of dates scheduled for this weekend in the UK.  Don’t miss your chance to see these rising stars in the world of indie folk. 

Get a sample before the show and check out Someone Great by T.I.G.Y. and B. Weaver now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

The late Toots with the Legendary Maytals who are featured on the new song from Le Jank

A rare groovy delight, we fell for Staying Tuned With, the recent single from Le Jank.  We’ve always been fans of vintage Reggae but modern offerings are often a watered down derivative of the classics.  Le Jank reignites the flames of originality within the genre.  The chord palette has an undercover indie sensibility, and the singers distinct style seals the deal.  Insanely catchy in his percussive cadence, he simultaneously pops and flows with emotional affect.  The hush delivery keeps it chill and slightly moody, and adds a touch of melancholy to the collective affect. 

With downtempo swagger Le Jank gets you to the dance floor, but with a soft touch it should please an indie folk crowd.  Le Jank has Jack Johnson appeal with more classic authenticity.  It’s as if Jose Gonzalez made an album in 1975 Jamaica.  It’s not wonder that the track features the remaining members from the classic Maytals.  This type of authenticity can only be linked to the masters. Offering their expertise to an interesting emerging voice in Reggae, they’ve got the reputation to earn slots in the festival circuit, and from there the sky is the limit.  

Hear Staying Tuned With now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

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