Undiscovered Gems – B.Miles, Dang Clēts, The Natural Lines, SCayos, Glosser

B.Miles grooves with swagger on the single One Trick Pony.  Pulling from the tippy top depths of her “head voice”, then alternating back to her vintage bellow, it’s as if to push the concept that is One Trick Pony

A sultry conceptual hit, the track is packed with flavorful style.  As if she’s paired two parallel sentiments together, the contrast is elegant and only lifts her creative appeal.  With urban attitude and subtle psych sonic dressing, it’s as if Mac Demarco produced a record for Remi Wolf. 

The comparison is only offered to give you some place mark heading in, B.Miles is really doing something all her own, and should appeal to indie pop and psych pop fans alike.  

Dig into One Trick Pony now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Dang Clēts

Dang Clēts are infectious on their recent Messing It Up.  An innovative syncopated tempo design draws you in with hypnotic affect.  It’s as if you stuck within a reality loop, inspired to resolve to interpretive choreography in response to its rare pomp. 

A cascade of fleeting vocals swirl around the lead melody, bringing dreamy atmosphere to the otherwise rigid intersecting stutters.  The syncopation alternates with an urban breakbeat, all adapted to the interesting chord play at the root of the songs design. 

Messing It Up melds the worlds of melody and tech with a refreshing update unparralled in the world of pop.  With indie sensibility it should please fans of eclectic psych pop mega band Tame Impala and the associated acts known to that style.  This is whats next, Dang Clēts just gets ahead of it.  

Enjoy Messing it Up now on our Best New Indie Playlist

The Natural Lines

The Natural Lines are catchy on their recent Spontaneous Skylights 2.  There he goes again.  The artist formerly known as Matt Pond PA reinvents himself, as if he even needed to.  Perhaps to capture a cynical generation insistent on creating new heroes.  They won’t be able to overcome the infectious hit that is Spontaneous Skylights 2.  Its brings the spirit of mid 80s alternative into the new wave. 

The single has the classic snap of hits by the Cure and the Smiths, dressed with an indie intellect known to The National, with an underground flare akin to Alex G.  Or dare we say just Matt Pond PA? 

The artists hopes to honor his collaborators with the name change.  It’s known to us that in this wilderness of the music industry there comes a sense of insecurity regarding cherished relationships within your artistic circle when your parading your brand as a solo artist.  It’s usually by accident and seldom a reflection of ego.  Regardless, Matt Pond Pa is graceful in this endeavor.  A classic innovator in his own right, The Natural Lines just push his legacy forward.  

Enjoy Spontaneous Skylights 2 now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  


SCayos is innovative on the imaginative You.  Elite producer skills illuminate rare samples and sonic treats on this beautiful auditory abstract art piece.  One simple phrase is all that’s needed in this illuminated world of texture and sound, as SCayos melds the auras of music and sound into one cohesive piece. 

Everything is vulnerable to their attention, as the production ideas treat both the tracks at their core and the collective presentation of the mix and master.  The affect is cinematic as imaginative visions collide, spurred by this dreamworld and the catalyst that is You.  The artist should please fans of Biig Piig, Banks, and Bon Iver.  It’s an eclectic marriage of approachable melody and otherworldly sonic intention.  

Dig into You now on our Best New Indie Playlist. 


Glosser laments the allure of classic Disco Girls.  The theme of their new single, its illuminated by a striking music video that screams 1979. 

The aesthetic is simple and genuine, leaning into what works and keeping it real.  Not unlike the song itself, a minimalist offering of indie pop where every contribution enhances the melodic spectrum.  It’s fitting that the duo offers Lorde and Beach House as relative comparisons.  They elegantly meld the histories of these recent franchises together, offering a dream catchy dance ready hit to the growing world of indie pop.  

Hear Disco Girls now on our Best New Indie Playlist.


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