Best New Rock – The Horn, Tired All The Time, Gone Stereo

The Horn are catchy on their new single Do It Now.  The song itself is infectious indie rock with an underlayer of synth for vibe and texture.  It’s as if the Strokes were produced by The Killers.  These stylish modern glams are elegant and fashionable.  It shows in both their music and how they present themselves.  They look like a proper band and they bring stage presence to match their vintage threads.  The sentiment is on full display in the songs impressive companion video, check it out. 

The Horn are creating solid tunes and having a damn good time doing it.  The video is a calling card to come see them live.  Do It Now has the upbeat potential to get the party rolling, with crossover flare that leans slightly dark but presents feel good enough to bring the whole room together.  That’s their contrast, a trademark staple of their art and this style.  Indie rock with a pop ethos, meant to get you dancing without devolving to the world of bubble gum.  The Horn is a true collaborative effort with leader Nick True at the helm.  A rock and roll journeymen who toured heavily as a member of Friends of Gavin in the 80s, he experienced enviable rock and roll history including a tour with REM.  A revival of unfinished work has morphed into a new band effort that’s winning The Horn new attention at home and beyond.  

Dig into Do It Now here on our Best New Rock Playlist. 

Tired All The Time

DC rockers Tired All The Time (T.A.T.) are anthemic on their new single Regrets.  Subtle nostalgia is updated with indie spirit on this inspired release.  This is the indie that was inspired by the post punk legacies of Joy Division and The Cure.  Brought through the influence of Interpol and Future Islands.  T.A.T bring their own flare to the style.  More than anything, they just do it so damn well. 

Regrets feels period perfect, with every contribution adding to the songs overall appeal.  The mix and sonic choices add to the collective aura.  What makes it most special though, are the catchy vocal cues.  That simple moment in the assumed chorus when the singer laments, “Mistakes.”  Poignantly presented with conviction, and simple enough to get into your headspace.  Lyrical gems are littered throughout, all connecting to our collective experience.  It’s found in lines like “There’s no going back to your hometown because time only goes one way.” 

We just have to embrace the regret, and let it guide us moving forward. 

Enjoy Regrets now on our Best New Rock Playlist. 

Gone Stereo

Gone Stereo gets real on their new singles Don’t Think I Forget About You and Taste Of This.  Recalling Pop Punks glorious insurgence, Gone Stereo conjures a time before pop punk got cheesy.  Don’t Think I Forget About You is a jam.  It almost falls into that indie post punk feel known to Gaslight Anthem, but stays steeped in the true pop feel of NOFX.  Harmony and catchy, there are tasty melodic treats throughout.  Whether its the infectious leads or passionate vocal, Gone Stereo grabs you from start to finish.  For the B Side they throw in Taste Of This.  They’ve also released a companion video.

These lifers don’t care what you think.  Quite frankly they bring it harder than the younger groups, giving everything to ever performance in the spirit of the styles founding.  The video demonstrates whats drew them to this music.  Punk has always attracted the conflicted and broken.  The search of closure sometimes never ends.  Punk is that chance to be released, and exercise these demons on stage, or in the crowd.  Because punk is about community, the fans and crowd are just as valuable to the experience as the band themselves.  Gone Stereo gets it.  

Hear Don’t Think I Forgot About You now on our Best New Rock Playlist 

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