Undiscovered Gems – Courtney Farren, Bus People, Cult of Venus, Bravo Bonez

Courtney Farren is haunting on the new single Care.  An initial hush delivery draws you in with its whispery affect and curious nature. Like a secret within a song Farren drops vulnerable revelations.  “I’m scared one day I won’t care and no one will even notice, my best friends already there…”  The statement speaks to a coming of age generation raised under the umbrella of social media with all its vanity and false affirmation.  

A lyrical gem, Care is also damn good vibe.  The minimalistic arrangement recalls The XX, while the vocal intention with its dark appeal has some similarities to Lana Del Rey.  Farren, however, is even more exotic and inherently talented.  Care is seductive, teasing you with its underlying potential.  Not caring sounds fun. 

Enjoy Care now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Bus People are charming on their new single Luck.  The bare drum sample initiates a classic, nostalgic feel.  The driving bass and added guitars enhance the sentiment, recalling post punk inspired new wave pop.  The slight lofi mix and drenched vocal stay on brand.  Besides its nostalgic intention we were drawn to the dreamy melody and emphatic details. 

The vocal builds to a passionate freak out and the guitar solo is played with vigor and angst.  Bus People are believable.  The attitude and punk inspired fever fits well with buzz band Dehd.  Considering Dehd is one of our favorite discoveries of the last year, the comparison shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

Dig into Luck now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Cult of Venus are anthemic on the invigorating new single Mountains.  This spiritual pop is angelic and soulful.  The church organ adds to the hymnal appeal.  This is the iconic vibe known to Peter Gabriel and Hozier.  The modern innovative production also draws in a hint of Bon Iver. 

The NYC based artist broke out on the scene after performing music for females in jails and prisons during the Million Woman March.  She’s been building a following with regular NYC club gigs.  Mountains feels hopeful though the lyrics are dire and represent the artists underlying message.  “Fire in the mountains, and I’m homeless by the sea.  Sickness in a system, there an’t no saving me.”  Mountains is a proper tribute to chronicle these atrocities.  Cult of Venus keeps it beautiful, despite all the sadness and grief. 

Mountains is currently featured on our Best New Indie Playlist

Bravo Bonez teams up with Alba Rose on the impressive new single Treason.  This groovy arrangement was crafted as an ode to mid-90s Neo Soul and Acid Jazz.  It recalls experimental electronic pops first triumph, taking production cues from classic soul.  It’s heard in the dense orchestration featuring ascending strings and echoing flutes. 

The groove is infectious, and Alba Rose is elegant.  Treason is more than a throwback, it’s a straight up jam.  The dense layers recall funkier works by Thievery Corporation, while the pop appeal connects with releases by Jamiroquai.  Rose brings mainstream potential, with an indie pop vocal twist.  We can dig it. 

Hear Treason now on our Best New Indie Playlist


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