Best New Indie – Homes At Night, talker, Sequel Films, Uèle Lamore, Sara Devoe

Home At Night conjure elegant drama on the convincing saga of a single, Help You Unpack.  From gentle bedroom folk to explosive jam, they marry two extremes convincingly.  Both sides are treated with sonic flare, a producers touch.  The sonic presentation in the second half is particularly exhilarating. 

Clocking in just over two minutes, our only regret is that we genuinely want more.  Certainly thats all part of the allure, a clever detail to keep you in it.  Help You Unpack is just one offering from an impressive 5 song release, If You Were A Stranger. 

The whole EP slaps, get started with Help You Unpack now on our Best New Indie Playlist

talker get a remix courtesy of The Overcoats.  Their song Sad Chick is reimagined with furious electro appeal, digging into a new downtempo construct.  The elegant use of samples is exciting and notable. 

Their voice cuts through like an instrument, spliced with stabbing percussive fury.  In that way it flexes some EDM influence without devolving into the land of frustrating repetition.  Altogether it retains a semblance of indie pop melodic intention with more sonic flare. 

It’s a quality adaptation of the original.  Reimagined in this way, we hear evidence of Polica and Sylvan Esso. 

Dig into the Sad Chick, (Overcoats Remix) now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Sequel Films shine on their new single Iridescent.  An illuminating musical array of sonic pastels, this chill pop aesthetic swings with groovy intent.  Their rich vocal delivery blends elegantly into the sonic spectrum, bringing depth and smoky appeal. 

The vocals are spaced out like lyrical pick me ups, jumpstarting in tandem with alternating drum fills and compositional shifts.  It gives the song attitude and glosses its slick presentation, a facet of alternative R&B.  In that way Sequel Films evolves the vintage aesthetic with Robert Palmer, with the modern appeal of Frank Ocean or Dope Lemon. 

The guitar enhances the sentiment, as it jives with flashy funky flavor.  The soft synth atmosphere gives it some retro nostalgia, adding to its dreamy variable.  With its progressive design and amalgamation of influence, its an indie pop stand out.  

Hear Iridescent now on our Best New Indie Playlist.

Uèle Lamore is innovative on the aptly titled Two Equals Three.  The bright sonic presentation suits the experimental construct.  Accessible enough to grab an indie audience obsessed with rare melodic intention, but otherwise entirely unconventional. 

The video adds to the bizarre appeal while transmitting a new semblance of cute, as the artist sways with conviction. They exude that they fully buy into their musics immersive appeal.  Watching them indulge in their own sonic brilliance really makes you love it more.  We drew comparisons to works by Animal Collective and Stereo Lab. 

Enjoy Two Equals Three now on our Best New Indie Playlist

We got caught up in the dreamy design of Girl, the new single from Sara Devoe.  The classic 80s chorus drenched guitar drips calculated harmonious lines that stretches the tonal atmosphere.  A pick-you-up-out-of-your seat beat bumps beneath, setting the foundation for the songwriter to flow above. 

Her front of the mix presentation gives the record indie appeal, blending underground influence with the indie sound of the moment.  We hear evidence of The Smiths or The Cure with the indie pop influence of Phoebe Bridgers and associated acts.  The artist also embraces influences like Beach House and Crystal Castles.  That influential scope is heard in the songs dreamy vibe. 

Get lost in Girl now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  


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