Best New Indie – Bubble Tea and Cigarettes, BREGN, Tremolone, bedscene

Get lost in Happiness, the new single from Bubble Tea and Cigarettes.  A slow moving psych pop vibe, the singers smooth chill delivery emulates a sultry lounge singer.  Her voice offers a entrancing quality to the songs R&B influenced design.  The affect is intoxicating, offering an iteration to the chill vibe takeover that has one foot in classic academia and another in the ethos of modern melancholy. Heavy soul 70s vibes with modern indie flare recall breakout cult artists like Rhye and Flo Morrissey.  Bubble Tea and Cigarettes are equally rare and curious.

This bedroom pop project is currently based in LA. Bubble Tea and Cigarettes have some shows coming upon in both La Jolla and the classic city.  Grab a gummy and zone out, their chill elegant vibe is guaranteed to get you in the zone. 

Hear Happiness now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

BREGN continues to deliver with the new single Dopamine Mind. The artist is known for dynamic layered arrangements and sonic flare. Dopamine Mind is slightly more classic, with a piano based design that connects with works by Dr Dog and Badly Drawn Boy, but with more psychedelic influence. It also bears the exotic foreign appeal and troubadour spirit of Jose Gonzalez.

The new single comes with an important message. The artist suggests “This song is a gentle reminder to all of us that we have a choice to and the freedom to break free of technology and be present with the people around us.”

A valuable mantra for a generation addicted to their devices, the songs vocal construct initially emulates a challenged musical meditation. Slightly frantic and unnerved in its presentation, it reflects the frustrating reality of this daunting predicament. For us existential beings, it’s a full on crisis. With conceptual jest Dopamine Mind is compositionally hypnotic, weaving you into its revolutions with quick pickups and swift surprise.

Enjoy Dopamine Mind now on our Best New Indie Playlist.

Tremolone caught our attention with their single Chinatown.  This swinging groove suits the songs cool black leather urban appeal.  You can trace these art rock roots back to the Velvet Underground through recent updates by Wilco and Mac Demarco.  Tremolone paints a rich sonic atmosphere with sliding cosmic swells and nostalgic 60s style organs.

The vocalist stays on brand, settling into this chill narrative elegantly.  Chinatown sounds pleasant and inviting, with dreamy indie reverence to suggest some libations and chemical support may fancy you merry. 

Dig Chinatown now on our Best New Indie Playlist

We dig the experimental art pop charm of Holiday, the new single from bedscene.  The vibrant tempo palette recalls the dynamic influence of The Talking Heads and LCD Soundsystem.  bedscene offers fresh contrast with shoegaze style vocals, blended into the mix and treated with echo and haze to give them an otherworldly quality. 

Rare synths and cosmic samples create a colorful soundscape.  A producer’s delight, every contribution is vital to the collective composition.  There’s evidence of elite disco and elegant funk in how every instrument brings both percussive appeal and melodic texture.  Holiday is unique, but approachable.  

Hear it now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  


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