Rare Indie Holiday Hits – Leah James, Jesabel, Cory M. Coons, Charlie Freeman

The time has come for updated Holiday Standards.  Looking to expand your holiday playlist with some modern indie flavor?  We’re digging deep to uncover the rarest holiday gems.  These tracks are HOT!  Get ahead of the curve and add these to your holiday playlist NOW!

Leah James updates a classic, taking on the iconic Blue Christmas.  We don’t take modern updates lightly, and Leah James delivers.  With cinematic reverence we hear clear soundtrack potential.  The version is hypnotic, there to activate your imaginative montage.  The catalyst to replay a history of holiday memories in your head.  You will lose yourself to Leah’s dreamy design, an intoxicating twist to this somber holiday gem.  

A rare unique voice with ominous features, Leah James stands out.  Her affect is seductive and undeniably entrancing.  Blue Christmas is just one offering from her new holiday EP titled December. Dig in!

Jesabel knows her power on the sultry new single Christmas Mood.  The Southern troubadour is soulful and classic.  The orchestrated arrangement accentuates the vibe.  At its roots its a bluesy composition, reimagined with retro flavor and soul intention.  It recalls the works of Amy Winehouse and Duffy.  Jesabel matches their classic appeal and urban presence.  Her aura is mysterious and mischievious, matching the reality of her rare existence. 

A Diamond in the Orange rough, she’s slightly out of place in her native Florida, where Jimmy Buffet and Pop Country reign supreme.  She wears a little Nashville Influence, but she’s more Kacey Musgraves than commercial Country.  That detail gives her indie potential.  Mixing in her own inherent charisma and photogenic traits, we see star power.  Christmas Mood is a proper late night vibe for two lovers under mistletoe, a nice little setup with some libation beneath firelight, and all the frolic to follow.  

It’s a joyous family affair on Cory M. Coons version of I Saw Mommy Kissin’ Santa Claus.  The Americana rocker gets in the spirit with charming features by his kin.  It’s a nice touch, and really brings the family vibe together.  

The version is a straight jam.  It gives this classic a modern upbeat update.  Coons knows how to settle into an infectious groove and jive around a melody.   The hand drummer adds forward flavor with a natural feel and a surefire touch. It recalls the underrated elite pop Americana swagger of vintage Mellencamp, updated with indie sensibility and alt country attitude.  Its the kind of mid show proper holiday jam that brings the crowd to the dance floor.  It recalls tradition of Springsteen and how he injected his own rocker traits into classic holiday standards.  A solid groove in any season, we find it undeniable.  

We connected with the genuine message of It’s Christmas (Let’s Be Kids For A Day).  Songwriter Charlie Freeman offers a sentimental song for your holiday playlist.  This reflective introspective lyrical poetry gets to the heart of the matter.  The piano heavy arrangement brings some nostalgic appeal, recalling the aura of songwriters Bruce Hornsby and  Steve Winwood.  Effective use of string productions adds to the songs dramatic, heartfelt presentation.  There’s a little of everyone in this story, and that universal appeal gives it widespread potential.  

Freeman puts family first, referencing their health and wellness throughout.  It shines in contempt of some of the painfully superficial submissions we’ve received.  “Snowfall, phone calls, catching up with the family.  Hoping Grannie’s okay.  Wish she was here today.

One part 70’s rock and roll, one part Britpop with a generous serving of Americana, Charlie is deeply passionate about music and it’s ability to bring people together.  It shows in his musics approachable construct and true design.  

Let’s face it, we just don’t have enough proper indie Christmas jams despite these recent stylistic musical updates.  Pinemoon delivers with a new classic that brings the dreamy shoegaze appeal of Beach House and the epic post rock appeal of Explosions In The Sky.  We find it undeniable.  

Find all of these and more on our freshly constructed new playlist: Rare Indie Holiday Hits



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