Undiscovered Indie Folk Gems – Bennett Dampier, Dylan Cox, The Quiet Project, Leah James

Innovative Americana inspired Rock arrangements are scarce in these times.  Bennett Dampier and friends nail the vibe on their recent Timing Was Never Our Thing.  This classic composition updates the musical histories of CSNY and Joni Mitchell impressively.  There’s subtle indie influence, but mostly it captures the true genius of that sound. 

Dampier takes sonic chances, incorporating a Glockenspeal effectively.  It accents the notes in the vein of 70s Springsteen.  The movements bring surprise and inject energy into the track, pushing it forward.  Altogether its a fun arrangement, with intriguing movements that capture you with their catchy appeal. 

Enjoy Timing Was Never Our Thing now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Dylan Cox caught our attention with his new single Animals In The Kitchen.  It’s first striking feature is his genuine vocal.  Authentic and believable, every note is conjured from an experience, every word from some internal trial.  The organic atmosphere production brews beneath the arrangements construct, vibrating like a massive hum, lively in respect to its making.  Together these two features bring elegant contrast, illuminated by Dylan’s classic folk singer swagger.  In that way he recalls emerging artists like Bonnie Light Horseman and The Tallest Man On Earth..

Enjoy Animals In The Kitchen now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Something beautiful this way comes.  Again and again we find ourselves drawn into the cinematic brilliance of The Quiet Project.  A diverse array of acoustic atmospheres and peculiar almost candid shifts are traits of its presentation. What it emulates is musics instinctual wonder, the feelings that come with that first discovery.  The Quiet Project disintegrates your acquired concepts, brandishes the requirement of song, reclaims some of musics wild essence.  It also, always, stays musical in melodic construct.  

Their new single Diamond Mind is a rare semblance of a contemporary song compared to the rest of their catalog.  It’s equally breathtaking in the vein of their prior work, but with a voice that brings personality to these works.  Like a specter she wanders into the forum of this musical world and exists there as one with its parameters.  Familiar, but rare in it’s delivery.  There’s an innocence, a humble playful charm. Evoking memories of Jobim and Astrul Gilberto, brought into and contemporary indie sound by The Quiet Project. 

Hear Diamond Mind now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

There’s something about a traditional standard when its done right.  Songs that mark an occasion.  New Years us understated.  The process is sacred and true.  The revolutions of seasons and our world are awesome.  I’ll join you in a dusty bar, and belt this like I’m in a football stadium.  But If you’re going to sing Aud Lang Syne on your lonesome, sing it like this.  

The Leah James versions of Auld Lang Syne is perfect. 

Hear it now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Happy New Year! To a healthy and fulfilling 2023 full of music, laughter, and love!

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