Best New Rock – The Lowtones, Dead In Love, Davis Gestiehr, Hush Victoria

The Lowtones continues to stand out with their catchy blend of post punk and aught era indie rock.  Their new single Radio has anthemic appeal.  The arrangement is clever, with thoughtful melodic movements throughout.  They grace their influences exquisitely, plugging melodic tags that alter into new undiscovered musical worlds.  The legacies of Joy Division and Interpol are fair place marks, but with a flurry of exciting releases over the last two years, its fair to say that the band has established their own unique blend.  Radio adds a semblance of arena Rock in the vein of The Killers.  

It’s undeniably underground with commercial potential.  It’s an attribute of their insatiable catchy appeal and melodic flare.  They give you a lot to hold onto and they send it in a pro package.  The band is tight.  They play dirty but they sound well versed.  It allows them to perform from the heart, and it lends to the presentations natural flow.  They’ve shared this is just the first of several releases due out in 2023.  Put The Lowtones on your radar!

Hear Radio now on our Best New Rock Playlist.  

Dead In Love caught our attention with their new single Gone With Stupid.  This raw reckless garage blues has black leather swagger and vintage attitude.  It’s untamed, bred from some instinctual psyche connected to the ancient traditions of music as medicine and a conduit to the spirits.  It’s bred from the blues but undeniably Rock, more akin to the genres first movement, as if it’s stepping into this fury for the first time, energized by the amplified guitars distorted adaptation.  The singers conjured meditations illuminate the desert appeal and snakebite mystery. 

The cover photo seals the sentiment, as the duo personifies the vibe.  Gone With Stupid is a sure thing for the Third Man Records following, relative to the works of Jack White and associated acts like The Kills.

Hear Gone With Stupid now on our Best New Rock Playlist

David Gestiehr is immediately infectious on Care.  There’s a violent energy to the opening bassline and pounding drums that follow.  The pulsating drive feels like its always pushing the song forward, injecting fever and passion thats runs through your rock and roll veins.  The guitar work is equally mesmerizing as the player digs into the notes and bends convincingly.  The vocal is more measured.  It glues the melodic framework together.  The contrast is elegant.  

The musical design bears an influence of post punk in the vein of The Cure, with an indie sensibility akin to DIIV and TV On The Radio.  The vocal is equally diverse, with shades of Jimmy Eat World infecting it’s trademark indie delivery.  We find Care collectively irresistible.  

Hear Care now on our Best New Rock Playlist.

Hush Victoria erupt on their debut self titled 3 song EP.  The Twin City rockers split out of various punk acts including The Devil Blues Band, The No-No’s and No Pride.  The new EP kicks off with the energetic opener Under The Rug.  The song recalls pop punks first movement, the legacy of Operation Ivy and how it bridged the gap between The Ramones and more raucous raw forms of punk.  The vibe transcends on the subsequent Acetylene.  Initially there’s the melodic indie punk appeal of Gaslight Anthem before it builds to a raucous chorus that shows shades of grunge.  

The EP closes with the slow build of Forever A.M.  A closing anthem, Forever A.M is epic, with progressive swings and a dramatic flow.  It shows a dynamic influence, one that scales the bands breadth of influence.  Again it graces the storytelling Americana punk appeal of Gaslight Anthem with more traditional punk induced interjections in the heavier sections.  Lyrically intriguing, it features abstract imagery to accompany your imaginative montage.  “… and there was never supposed to be, sirens blaring to the beat, or angels singing ‘Let It Be’ to pirouettes of emergency” 

A solid debut from an exciting twin city export.  Get into the whole EP, and hear Forever A.M now on our Best New Rock Playlist


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