Undiscovered Gems – Juliana Madrid, Strange Familia, Laura Lang, Lowswimmer

Juliana Madrid is inspiring on her recent Afterlife.  Her smoky hush delivery rings ripe with feeling.  Her passionate second layer and trademark broken resolutions show exquisite control over her vocal instrument.  The affect is intoxicating.  The rare vocal presentation and skill finds a proper melody in Afterlife to flex Madrid’s impressive range. 

A catchy jam with nostalgic under layers, Afterlife has the catchy appeal of Paramore with the retro flair of Christine and the Queens and some commercial pop potential.  The addictive synth lead adds to its electro anthem possibility.  Afterlife is solid as is, but we hear a remix on the horizon. 

Hear Afterlife now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Strange Familia is inspiring on their recent honey.  With nostalgic swagger the singers emotional plea plucks at your heartstrings.  Insanely catchy, it graces the legacies of George Michaels and Robert Palmer equally.  It’s bread from the byways of blue eyed soul through the indie pop hit machine. 

Like the aforementioned Michaels and Palmer it can ignite the curiosity of the mainstream and underground equally.  It suggests how these artist might have developed within the realms of modern production.  It’s an instant classic falling under the radar, ready to be scooped by some telephone or shoe company where it can live in infamy rent free.  

Hear honey. now on our Best New Indie Playlist

Laura Lang captured our heart with her prolific full length Bad Luck.  She brings an arsenal of radio ready indie pop hits.  The emotive songwriter has the sad girl appeal of Girlhouse with the indie art flair of Big Thief. 

Lang’s voice settles into her gritty layered arrangements elegantly, finding clarity like the light at the end of the struggle.  It’s heard on revelations like Ran For You.  A desperation anthem for a tortured heart.   Lang is believable in how she dictates this tale.  There’s a sense of melancholy shame, an admittance that it’s all quite insane and perplexing.  She sings of given in with melodic brilliance.  A catchy hit with sneaky dark under layers.  

Hear Ran for You now on our Best New Indie Playlist. 

Lowswimmer, Squirrel Flower, and Novo Amor team up on the new single Can’t Be By Myself.  Spiritual indie pop with cinematic intention, it’s metaphysical and dreamy.  Spawned from the inspiration of Peter Gabriel through adaptations by Bon Iver and company, Can’t Be By Myself is introspective gold. 

You will lose yourself to its fleeting comfort, knowing that it’s always running away from you.  It demands a second helping, conjuring a history of hurt but gone too soon.  Too soon to exercise every emotion it drew up.  Too soon for resolution.  The two voices, personifying sunk cost.  Adding desire with how they caress and soothe your soul.  Like a bedside lullaby, may it never end, and so you return to hear it again and again. 

Get your fix, Can’t Be By Myself is currently on our Best New Indie Playlist.  


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