Best New Indie – Khamari, Litvar, Little Champion, Panchiko

Khamari is catchy and intoxicating on their recent On My Way.  The soulful sultry swagger is mood altering, thrusting you into this seductive vibe mercilessly.  The lyrical narrative adds to the sentiment, as Khamari croons of deliverance and being saved.  His impressive falsetto updates the legacies of Al Green and Marvin Gaye with new indie inspired flash.  The imaginative samples bring cinematic flair.  Collectively brilliant with sonic surprise and conceptual intent, it will immediately connect with fans of Frank Ocean and Joji.  

Hear On My Way now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Bedroom pop gets emotionally elegant on Alone (Not Lonely), the new single from Litvar.  This smart pop features an exquisite layered arrangement that blends guitars with tickling production.  The group funnels fun into every frequency, expressing the full range of the tonal spectrum.  They match that sentiment with an impressive vocal arrangement that scans their octave range effectively.  The affect is exhilarating, adding momentous excitement and conceptual surprise. 

They honor their compositional intellect within a catchy construct.  The sad boy emotional appeal suggests how Elliot Smith might have sounded if produced by The 1975.  Coincidentally they Recorded at New Monkey Studio (former studio of Elliot Smith).  They laid the foundation of the track LIVE, an important detail that suggests they should bring it in concert. 

Currently, the band are gearing up for the release of their second album and first proper studio record, Eloquently Aimless. This upcoming record will be produced by Charles Newman (The Magnetic Fields, The Bones of J.R. Jones).  Alone (Not Lonely) is our first taste of the record in advance of its September release. 

Hear Alone (Not Lonely)now on our Best New Indie Playlist 

Asheville based recording artist Little Champion appropriately calls his new album Curiosity.  The vibrant 9 song release scans a wide spectrum of influence, all sharing in one common foundation, an appreciation for the spirit of punk rock and its influence on modern indie.  You’ll find evidence of Alex G style anti-folk in gems like dragon.  Moments that recalls the sad scenester appeal of Elliot Smith on the stand out snow day.  Evidence of emo offshoots The Promised Ring on the catchy tiny bottles

Songwriter Dustin Goldklang adapts these vibes within his own admittingly diverse set of works, recognizing his love for the anti-folk scene in NYC (Jeffrey Lewis, Kimya Dawson), underground indie pop from The Pacific Northwest (The Microphones, LAKE), DIY pop-punk (Delay, The Ergs), and mainstream pop (Carly Rae Jepsen).  Collectively Curiosity is thoughtful, intentional songwriting.  He’s careful to let his own blend break through, but smart to wear his influences proudly.  After all, you should enjoy your creations as much if not more than the works that inspired them. 

Little Champion is featured on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Panchiko caught our attention with their new single Failed at Math(s).  The impressive layered design pulls from an extensive sonic toolbag.  The root of the composition is catchy in its own right.  At its core Failed at Math(s) features an intoxicating vocal melody dripped over an acoustic guitar.  The colorful production adds to the cinematic design.  The arrangement keeps the revolving melody interesting, injecting sonic flavor at every threat of becoming stale.  The collective vibe could draw comparisons to The Flaming Lips.  We can dig it.  

Failed at Math(s) is currently featured on our Best New Indie Playlist.


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