Best New Indie – Lydia Luce, Pet Snake, Viridian, RHEIN

Lydia Lace entranced us with the hypnotic melodic appeal of Never Enough.  This serene groove lands soft, and her lush vocal adds to the seductive allure.  Produced elegantly, Never Enough truly is a vibe. 

Lydia Luce – Never Enough

Dream pop with a vintage heart, there’s subtle evidence of Fleetwood Mac or Todd Rundrem blended with a modern influence of dreamy indie acts like Rhye or Beach House. 

That’s just a scope of stylistic intention, in essence Lydia Luce stands alone and she asserts her dominance with a surefire hit in Never Enough.  The companion adds to the concept, one offered as “a psychedelic and reflective single about feeling content with what one has… and the enlightening power of magic mushrooms.”  We can feel all of it. 

Hear Never Enough now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

Pet Snake is a special songwriter.  The emerging artist is undeniably talented as a performer and singer in general, what she brings in addition is an innovation to her writing that finds fresh trails in the scope of the indie verse.  Pet Snake is her chance to keep her work with her project Clean Cut Kid fresh.  It offers her an opportunity to flesh out some less communal feelings, like laying alone in the bathtub naked begging for comfort from a furry friend.  The image graces the cover of her new EP Bathwater.  The collection features the enticing revelation that is Still Doing The Same

The simple arrangement of a textured strummed guitar and subtle production is all that’s needed to bring this one home.  The composition evolves in tandem with her heartfelt story, one that magnifies emboldened judgements by a self righteous generation.  These days, sticks and stones still break your bones but words and memories sting worse than ever.  It’s a byproduct of our new conditioning and the evolution of whisper down the lane.  Evelyn Halls knows what it means to see you on the wrong end of a social witch hunt, and she wrote the best damn song to pen a formal f*ck you to all the haters.  For fans of Feist and Julia Jacklin.  Thanks Ev’ 

Hear it now on Best New Indie.

Viridian grabs an elusive vibe on their new single The Embrace.  Their minimalistic dark pop features the exotic hush delivery of singer Danielle Davie.  Collaborator and fellow band mate Michael Di Spirito constructs gorgeous moody soundscapes.  Danielle navigates them like a specter.  That combination could draw comparisons to The XX with the classic appeal of Portishead.  We also hear evidence of James Blake and Polica to match their prescribed influences of Frank Ocean and Bon Iver.  Fans of all of these acts should find something to love with The Embrace.  

The vibe is matched by an intense music video. Director Jack Bailey and co-director/cinematographer Jamie Mitri use light and shadow to inject emotion into every inspired moment.  The performances of Fiona Jenkins, Jenah Sinclair, Ava Drews, and Danielle Davie speak volumes without direct dialog, channeling the lyrics and mirroring the spoken word interlude with a combination of gaze, expression, and hypnotic modern dance.  

Get lost in the video above and hear The Embrace now on our Best New Indie Playlist. 

There’s a haunting appeal to Open Dak, the new single from RHEIN.  The significant detail of being presented in their native tongue adds to the curious association.  Music as the universal language always delivers.

In regards to the songs meaning, RHEIN offers that in a neo-Freudian quest for less ratio and more feeling, RHEIN started tracking the content of his dreams, to use as inspiration for music.  That association can be felt in the musics aura, which is full of mystery. 

The cinematic vibe unfolds like an investigation, one that uncovers revelations about his unconsciousness.  Stylistically it bears evidence of The National and Car Seat Headrest.  The first in a string of singles related to this conundrum, it’s a strong start to an intriguing multi-faceted musical project. 

Hear Open dak now on our Best New Indie Playlist


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