Best New Indie – Lauge Heebøll, Anya Baghina, Meltt, Hevvy Serve

(Photo credit: Therese Lærke)

Lauge Heebøll adds refreshing innovation and melodic intrigue to the aura of indie electronic pop on their recent Set You On Fire.  Like instinctual beauty yet to be tamed by academic influence, Set You On Fire burns wild.  Like Pollack, the chaos can’t escape beauty, a harmonious nature tied to some ancient metaphysical designation.  Flashes of falsetto escape in earnest, as if they were bottled in by the bodies prison.  The swift electronic drum design honors the built up energy. 

Conceptual demons awake in the form of warped vocals, as the artist’s pure essence fights them off.  Lauge Heebøll seemingly takes on every version of himself, at least all of the versions known to this moment.  Where he goes from here, we can’t wait to see.  Lauge Heebøll is a sure thing for fans of melodic experimental innovators like FKA Twigs, Joji, and Banks.

Hear Set You On Fire now on our Best New Indie Playlist.

Anya Baghina caught our attention with her new single It’s Clear To Me. The first striking detail is her voice, a quivering almost broken delivery, it feels like it’s always on the cusp of cracking.  The affect is exhilarating, adding to the vulnerability and hurt conjured from the lyrics.  Melodically we hear evidence of classic 80s alternative acts like The Cure with a modern indie-alt feel known to Soccer Mommy.  It’s a gorgeous blend, one that should intrigue indie and alternative rock fans alike.

Hear It’s Clear To Me now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  

A comforting melodic bliss blesses Soak My Head, the new single from Canadian psych rockers Meltt.  Embracing their namesake, Soak My Head lands soft but anthemic.  There’s a celebratory cinematic intrigue, a sense of existential discovery marinated into the vibe.  The immersive harmonious layered arrangement offers a dreamy soundscape for the singers inspired performance, one that leans into the echo dressing with long emphatic notes.  That detail bears an influence of shoegaze inspired dream pop to match the indie psych rock sheen. 

Soak My Head is a sure thing for fans of indie rock projects like My Morning Jacket, Lord Huron, and Band of Horses.  It also takes cues from dreamy acts like Slow Pulp and Melody’s Echo Chamber. 

Hear Soak My Head now on our Best New Indie Playlist. 

Hevvy Serve make catchy intriguing indie pop thats ripe with post punk and dark wave influence.  Their output is impressively prolific, and they honor that association with a brand new self titled full length album.  The record features 9 delicious dynamic tracks, including their new signature cut Falling Into Myself. 

Falling Into Myself might be their punchiest work yet.  There’s a furious energy to the drum part and rapid lead guitar playing.  The vocal effectively captures the attitude and dark swagger known to the genre.  Musically can trace their style back to Joy Division and Bauhaus, up through modern melodic adaptations by breakthrough acts like DIIV.  Hevvy Serve honors their melodic catch and nostalgic appeal.  

Hear Falling Into Myself now on our Best New Indie Playlist.  


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