Songwriters In Focus – Eydís Evensen, Jackson Rau, Bernard Hering, La Faute

Eydís Evensen presents a captivating contemporary work with her new single Dreaming of Light.  Paired with an effective performance video featuring various illuminated shots of the artist in her moment, her mystical aura shines through. 

In contrast to musics new quantized nature Dreaming of Light is fluid, washing over you elegantly.  The song in general is presumably simple, but entirely effective.  The Icelandic artist breaks through language barriers with sonic cinematic drama.  The song is after all a deep cinematic reflective vibe.  Stylistically we hear evidence of Tori Amos and Moon Shaped Pool style Radiohead. 

Lose yourself with Dreaming of Light, now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

Jackson Rau describes his new single Someday Soon as a mix between Radiohead, Elliot Smith and Postal Service.  One things for certain, fans of all of those projects are guaranteed to dig this song.  Simple and melodically gorgeous, it’s the candid feel of the moment that really sucked us in.  To deliver an arrangement this simple and have it be so impactful is an understated genius and Rau’s most impressive trait. 

There’s also the contrast of dark and moody to match its instinctual catchy melodic glow, a testament to every calculated guitar note and plotted poetic vocal contribution.  Both cadence and texture have a stake in this design.  For that and for the essence of the song itself, Jackson Rau is a natural hit songwriter. 

Hear Someday Soon now on our Emerging Folk Playlist

Bernard Hering shines as a special indie folk discovery.  He is effectively crafting his artistic legacy with a slew of autonomous releases, always embracing his truth while adapting to new compositional melodic modes.  He has floored us again with his new release Let Me Buy Some Time

This rare indie folk gem recalls the understated compositional folk legacy of Bob Marley, with an additional influence of Bob Dylan for appropriate contrast.  It rings in the same way that Dylan inspired Marley in the first place.  It’s exotic soulful roots music, accented by Hering’s convincing emotional quiver.  It’s that same affect known to Belafonte, where the voice seem to rise from within, as if the body was a chosen vessel, tied to the spirit. 

Hear Let Me Buy Some Time now on our Emerging Folk Playlist.  

To capture an emotion in music;  the kind of emotion that words can’t describe. 

In capturing it the music serves as a reminder, sometimes painful, but necessary. That memory perhaps related to a moment, perhaps buried, perhaps trivial. The memory is significant nonetheless.  What is this life if not a combination of these remembered moments?  We feel this in Sorry I Can’t Stay, the new single from La Faute.

As Jadarowsky said, the purpose of art is to create a soul in a person.  As an artist, La Faute is crafting something beautiful.  She brings an eclectic stylistic nature, one that captures every varying moment effectively. Disconnected, or connected?  This art knows it’s all by some complex seemingly abstract design not meant to make sense on day one. Possibly not until your deathbed will it reveal its mad genius.  Therefore its appropriate that stylistically La Faute is appropriately layered.  Dark dream pop and aggressive trip hop creep through in impactful doses on her new album Blue Girl Nice Day.  That eclectic nature is heard on stand outs like Watercolours, The Crown, and Let It Burn.  Honestly, we are excited to immerse ourselves in this full length release.  It’s unfair to her, as an artist, not to give her that privilege.  

It’s a gorgeous listen too, for a musical bystander.  It’s fair to hear littered similarities to Mitski, Feist, Sufjan Stevens, and Cigarettes After Sex.  After all, she deserves that association if it gets you to press play.  Soon though, she may be the bearer of stylistic trust, and you’ll be wondering how you missed it. 

La Faute is featured variously between all of our playlists (link in tab). Sorry I Can’t Stay is on our Emerging Folk Playlist.


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