Charlotte Day Wilson Finds Indie Pop Soul on “Keep Moving”

Producer Performer extraordinaire Charlotte Day Wilson finds her indie pop soul on her new single, “Keep Moving.” Already a Juno nominated artist, the Canadian songwriter continues to trail blaze her way through the gateways of stardom.  

Charlotte’s soft vocal touch that she employs in the verses has hints of Sam Smith, but she shows a second voice in the chorus transitions to compliment the heart and soul delivery in her verses.  

The strength of the song is the contrast of atmosphere in the verses against a clearer pop arrangement in the choruses. Charlotte is a master producer and recording artist. Every detail, from the compressor on the bass and guitar to the soft voice pads at the end; Charlotte plots and plan her musical landscape using all her favorite colors from her nurtured palette. Like any great producer, she is finding her sound, with textures familiar but unique to her, ripe with mass appeal.  

With so much attention, a derail is possible, but if Charlotte stays true to herself, stardom is likely. Hopefully the universe will align to give her a true way, Keep Moving is a step in the right direction.  

Checkout her video and hear Keep Moving on our Best New indie playlist

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