Remi Wolf finds magic on “LIZ”

“And it was Liz… she taught me how to live…

It was Liz… she taught me how to give.”

Remi Wolf sings it like she means it, one of the most genuine alternative R&B vocal performances I’ve heard in years. Remi’s raw delivery hasn’t been heard since the 1960’s, dripping with Al Green, Janis, and even James Brown. Her ad-libs are simultaneously infectious and random, with a pure performance like she was feeling it for the first time. Remi’s feeling herself, the performance brims with bold confidence, and pays homage to the classics.

“I get lonely, so I go shoplifting, it’s better than sitting, crying in my kitchen. Nobody calls, except Liz.

Remi is able to speak her truth without relying on trendy tag lines in her vocals. A budding lyrical poet, she weaves her narrative unassumingly. For me, the story of Liz is the oddly familiar emotional crippling that brews from a relationship of convenience. Only Remi could make this tale exotic and even desirable. That is her lyrical magic. It compliments her vocal prowess. She gets down to the nitty gritty early. You start to feel her more and more as the song progresses and she brings your deeper into her world.

Liz was co written by Remi’s bassist Solomonophonic, who also plays an impassioned unexpected distorted guitar solo right over the outro vocals, and it works so well. That’s the magic of Liz, even after several listens you’re still caught but how the song develops. It’s a true gem, and will likely make many best of year end lists.

Hear Liz on our Best New Indie playlist along with all of our other favorite new Undiscovered Gems.

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